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Syun - 1st Oct 2015

About two weeks ago, I was craving Japanese food; in particular sukiyaki. I recalled I still had Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) vouchers left so I checked and thankfully they had a Japanese celebrity chef restaurant named Syun. The restaurant is helmed by Chef Hal Yamashita with the menu rooted in Kobe cuisine.

Going to a celebrity restaurant at RWS is a small work out especially on the weekends. You have to park a long way away from the casino entrance and make your way through their enormous carpark. You get to the main foyer of the casino and as we were avoiding walking outdoors due to the haze, we had to further walk a further five plus minutes to get there. Eventually we get there and were greeted with top Japanese hospitality by the restaurants Japanese manager. She certainly made us and especially my wife, who had to walk fifteen minutes in heels, forget the suffering. The restaurant is clad in wood and marble and was rather elegant.

Though the end game was sukiyaki, I took the liberty to order their other signature dishes and a serving of salmon sashimi because I wanted a hit of wasabi! I must say the salmon sashimi was one of the best and freshest I have had in Singapore, now I am curious how the other sashimi would fare? Next time!


The menu lists the sea urchin rolled by wagyu beef as the signature item. This is combining two of my favourite Japanese ingredients, uni and gyu, in one mouthful! The melt in your mouth wagyu beef first teases you with its mild sweetness before the sea urchin steals the show with its ultra creamy texture, sweetness and mild briney taste. The cavier and shoyu completed the mouthful with its savouriness.

Next was the grilled cod with saikyo miso, yuzu miso sauce and dried mullet powder. I have eaten miso cod at various Japanese and Western restaurants and I must say this version takes the cake. The fish was oily and juicy and perfectly sweet, salty and sour from the rich miso sauce. The umami packed dried mullet powder is similar to what Italians use called Botargo. The pickled ginger flower and bay berry that accompanies the dish was a good palate cleanser for all that richness.

The sukiyaki here is done traditionally with personal care and attention from one of the knowledgeable waitresses who replied our questions confidently. After bringing the ingredients, she proceeded to oil the shallow cast iron pot with wagyu fat. She then proceeded to place the wagyu beef in the pan to fry the thinly sliced meat. Sukiyaki beef is usually sliced at 2 – 2.5mm while shabu shabu is usually sliced at 1 – 1.5mm. After searing both sides, she added some of the sukiyaki sauce into the pot. She then placed a slice of wagyu on each of our plates and scooped some of the heated sauce onto the beef. There is a twist. Usually sukiyaki is served with raw egg for dipping however here they serve it with sea urchin! The beef is topped with Uni and for the second time round, I got to savour beef with sea urchin. I much prefer to have the beef seared (aburi) then to eat it raw. She then proceeded to do the next slice of beef before cooking the vegetables for us.

Belinda and I both enjoyed our dinner at Syun very much. We felt we were getting premium ingredients for a good price. I know of some places where you can have a Japanese meal for $400++ a head. The meal we had here, just as satisfying was one third the price. 


Syun at Resort Worlds Sentosa

~ Andre Huber
Executive Director


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