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The Butchers Club - 1st Nov 2015

A few weeks ago a new place called The Butcher’s Club opened at Clarke Quay. No it is not a butcher’s association or a competitor to Huber’s but a restaurant specialising in burgers. The concept comes from Hongkong which I have been to earlier this year while I was there for a food show. They advertise the triple B on their logo which stands for burgers, beers and bourbon.

The hip décor consists of a 3 door chiller which houses cuts of rump, brisket and chuck. The cuts are dry aged in their chiller before being minced out through their table top mincer and hand formed to create a loosely pressed burger. They only have one type of burger and beer on the menu, at least on the main menu. You can scan the QR code on their menu board to reveal a secret menu which consists of other choices of burgers. I decided to stick to their classic burger to see how good it was here.

The burger comes on a small wooden block with a brown butcher’s paper below it. As you can see it works well to promote the butcher’s club brand when customers take a picture of the burger. The burger seems smaller than when I had it in Hongkong. The burger patty comes with a slice of tomato, pickle, cheddar cheese and bacon sandwiched between two sourdough buns. Biting into it, you realise just how juicy this burger is when the juices start dripping off the sides of your mouth and onto the butcher’s paper. Apart from the mess, the burger is easy to chew and the patty definitely packs a stronger beefy flavour. The special sauce and all the ingredients do not overpower the burger but come together to give each bite a complete burger eating experience. This burger would definitely give Omakase a run for its money and definitely one of the best ones I have tried in Singapore.

I had a side of duck fat fries. This turned out to be disappointing as I recalled them being delicious in Hongkong. The ones here seemed to taste like regular wedges which are fried well. I wash all this down with Peroni beer which is a no frills easy to drink Italian beer.

The price of each burger without any sides is $20. While it is not cheap especially for the size, it does make up in terms of its taste. It would be interesting to see if the people of Singapore will crown this their ultimate burger. 


The Butchers Club
3A River Valley Road #01-01B Clarke Quay Singapore 179020
Tel: 6837 0675


~ Andre Huber
Executive Director

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