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Raman Thayagarajan - 1st Jan 2016

He got married just recently - a couple of weeks before December this year. Raman, our Assistant Logistics Manager, flew home to his family in Mayiladuthurai, 240km south from Chennai, to marry that special someone in his life. His mother had been urging him, “Go get married and start a family!” for the past few years. In fact, his mother had been “kind” enough to set him up for dates each time he returned home for holidays. Raman refused to give in to the day’s tradition of matchmaking so every session his mother painstakingly organised were in vain, until a particular session. He lifted his eyes and there she was – a friend he had known since university. They haven’t been in touch since they graduated from university. Like water released from a dam, Raman fell head over heels in love with her. Raman, returned to Singapore in high spirits, spirits higher than the sky. You really should see the broad smile on his face!



Raman comes from a family of 8 – his parents and 5 siblings, one of them being his twin brother. The whole family used to be involved in the family business of producing sesame oil and coconut oil. Sesame seeds and coconuts would be purchased from local suppliers, cleaned and processed with the machineries housed in the 9000 square feet family home. In 2008, his father decided to end the business: corporations competing in the same business made it unprofitable for the family to carry on. Raman then ventured into sale of insurance before joining an oil company. 5 years later, one of his siblings’ furniture start-up prospered and his mother then encouraged Raman to also do something about his career.  Raman then packed his bags and left for Singapore.


Raman loves reading history books, enjoys card games with his friends, and cooking. His Saturday routine: to the market after work, head to his friend’s place to cook and have dinner together. His favourite foods are curry fish, spicy seafood, and briyani. While it is known that the best place in Singapore to get spices and briyani is Tekka, Raman didn’t seem too impressed. Instead, he swears by the briyani at Teban Gardens. 

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