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Bio-dynamic organic milk - 1st Jan 2016

Based between the pristine Fleurieu Peninsula and beautiful Adelaide Hills of South Australia, B.-d. Farm Paris Creek is one of Australia’s finest producers of award winning dairy products.

The range of white milks, yoghurts, and quarks, butter and handcrafted cheeses are made from the highest quality, premium, biodynamic-organic milk. At every stage of production, the producer avoids the use of artificial ingredients such as colors, flavors, stabilizers and anything that would interfere with the quality of the products. The producer minimises “unnecessary”   production processes such as homogenization or UH treatment and aim to provide the best possible health benefits for our organic-conscious consumers. B.-d. Farm Paris Creek’s point of difference starts in the soil, continuing with the pasture , the herd management, and excels in its processing method.


B.-d. Farm Paris Creek Factory                 


Ulli Spranz



There is nothing artificial on its land, with its herd, or in its products. On its biodynamic organic farm, there are no fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and GMO’s used and no antibiotics or hormones are administered to its herds. Owning a totally biodynamic farm has been a life-time dream of both Ulli and Helmut Spranz, and they were both well qualified to follow that dream.

In their home country of Germany, Helmut earned an Engineering Degree in Agriculture and Ulli, a graphic designer, worked on a variety of farms in Germany and Switzerland to gain valuable practical experience. “In our opinion, food is one of the most important things in your life, along with air and water.” Ulli and Helmut wanted to give their family a healthy lifestyle away from the city and at the same time aimed to produce the best quality, healthiest food possible. They wanted to make their products available to other families and consumers who value healthy, natural and organic dairy products.

They also wanted to set an example that commercially viable production – from paddock to plate – can be achieved without the modern, “cheaper methods” that today are common in food processing, such as artificial additives,preservatives, colors, flavors, stabilizers, gelatin based thickeners, genetically modified organisms and over-processing.

Cow with Calf                   



















Another important reason for Ulli and Helmut to consider was the fast diminishing raw food supply produced in Australia, mainly milk, in particular organically produced milk. They wanted to create awareness with consumers of the value of dairy farming and how important the local farming industry is in our daily lives. The Spranz family migrated to Australia in 1987, hoping to find property that fit their vision. After one year of traveling around beautiful Australia, their dream was realized with the discovery of 170 perfect acres at Paris Creek, South Australia between the Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu Peninsula. Green meadows with flourishing herbs and flowers, bordered by forests amongst rolling hills, and the most beautiful valley with the pristine Paris Creek.

This is the perfect home for healthy cows enjoying their days under blue sunny skies, fresh rains and the occasional umbrella of a rainbow – a combination which creates an essential well balanced environment. The land was more than beautiful. As the previous owners did not spend money on farm input, it was free of chemicals such as fertilisers, pesticides and fungicides. This made it a prime location for good milk production. The business started producing a small quantity of milk for families who wanted to purchase from farm gate and for local health food stores. Demand for their biodynamic, unpasteurized and non-homogenized milk grew rapidly in South Australia. In this time it was permitted to sell unpasteurized milk in South Australia. B.-d. Farm Paris Creek soon introduced quark and natural yoghurt to their range of products.

The herd was extended, more land was purchased, the manufacturing facilities were extended and local local people were employed. Sales increased continuously, first to Health Food Stores and Food Services, then to independent supermarkets and soon consumers demanded B.-d. Farm Paris Creek products in the major retail outlets; eventually sales spread to all states of Australia, and soon after, orders for B.-d. Farm Paris Creek products were received from overseas and export started.


Cheese Storage      

Kids enjoying dairy products


In 2001 a new state-of-the-art manufacturing plant was built for yoghurts, milk, Quark and butter processing and production kept increasing continuously. 

In 2007 an extension was added to incorporate a cheese production facility to produce a range of French-style soft cheeses and European-style hard cheeses. Over the years, B.-d. Farm Paris Creek has built up a loyal following of consumers, health-conscious families and individuals of all ages. Young and organic-minded consumers are consistently drawn to the brand, as are elderly buyers who “remember products as they used to be, before artificial ingredients and over processing” – and who recognize the quality in the award winning B.-d. Farm Paris Creek range of dairy products. Today, the products are sold through a variety of channels, and to a large range of clients: Health food stores, independent supermarkets, smaller chains as well as the major retailers on a state and on a national level. 

Due to its short shelf life, we air freight in only a small quantity each time. To purchase, come by our store at 22 Dempsey Road. 


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