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Pili Pushers Pili Nuts Sampling - 17th Feb 2016


The pili nut isn't a peanut. It is way more nutritious and is a superfood (tastes better than peanuts too!) 

These pili nuts come from Bicol, a volcanic area in the Philippines. With land resources being contaminated by industrialized farming methods and over-processing - it depletes the soil of bioavailable vitamins and minerals. These pili nuts are nutrient-rich because they grow on these volcanic soils. 

Pili nuts in muesli

Great care has been taken to ensure that these pili nuts are as pure as nature intends it to be. All the nuts are properly activated and dehydrated to enhance and lock in their nutritional value, and also packed without any preservatives (which explains their short shelf life). It is also because of one of the founder's experience with cancer that flavours that high in antioxidants and antimicrobial are developed- but they are still absolutely scrumptious!


- Activated to boost nutrient bioavailability

- Grows wild on volcanic soil

- Very high in magnesium

- Helps combat stress

- Boosts immunity and heart health

Purchase online now (free home delivery) or come by our store at 22 Dempsey Road on Saturday 20th February 9.30am to 2pm for a sample.

Click here to view the full health benefits of pili nuts!

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