Uber Huber Issue 148




It is no secret that our lease at 22 Dempsey Road is up for renewal – no we don't own the space 😅! When it is close to the end of lease, SLA will conduct a tender exercise which means the unit is open up for bid.


The bidding exercise is closed and under evaluation. We may not have tendered the highest rent BUT rent is a smaller factor with concept being the main component. This means not all hope is lost as we believe we have a great concept with plans to make it even better if we get a new lease!


However, even if somehow we don’t get the new lease, we have some contingency plans. In the past, we have shifted from location to location and have always been successful with the support of our dear customers. We are a family owned business, and family is everything to us. What drives us is largely YOU, our customers, and we hope we can count on your support wherever we may be.


So rest assured, we are here to stay as we cannot imagine what life would be without quality meats and sausages!


Excite Your Appetite!

~ Andre Huber


Josh & Sue is a family-owned and operated Australian company. Offering a selection of high-quality, gourmet sauces in Daylesford, regional Victoria. 


We've got a wide range of savoury preserves, harissa and dessert sauces available both online and in store.



Abbaye d'Aulne produces its specialty Belgian beer following the traditional brewing arts of its founders, the Cistercian monks of Aulne Abbey. Traditional high fermentation abbey beers, refermented in the bottle, brewed using the best hops and malts. 


Available in: Blonde 6°, Cuvée Royale 9°, Brune 6° and Premier Cru 9°.

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Huber's Family

Meet Odin, he is our Deli manager at the butchery. You'll spot him easily as he is tall and always has a smile on his face. He enjoys playing a 12-string guitar and his favourite song is Marley Purt Drive by Jose Feliciano. Did you know he was a chef too, working alongside Mr. Huber back in the good ol' days?



MEATHESAURUS Wet cured hams are cuts from the hind leg of a hog that have been cured by soaking or injecting with water and brining ingredients. The curing solution consists of water and brining ingredients, such as salt, sugar, sodium nitrite, honey, spices and seasoning. Huber’s uses good quality full muscle pork legs to do its hams and not bits of pork binded together.

  Featured here is Huber's Kurobuta Ham



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