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Looking for Valentine's Day ideas?💘


This Lunar New Year, I had the pleasure of enjoying hotpot several times with my family, colleagues and friends. There is something about sitting around with one another to cook and eat. The meal typically takes longer which allows us to enjoy a lot more conversations. Everyone participates actively in the meal, passing the food around, helping to cook ingredients for one another, thereby allowing us to enjoy the pleasure of giving and receiving. But most importantly, it allows us to enjoy our food freshly cooked and piping hot! Many times these days, we end up piling our dinner table with a spread of cooked dishes which looks great and is Instagram worthy. However, often the food is cold or lukewarm by the time we start and it just doesn’t taste as good anymore.Thankfully we can extend the communal hotpot meal to grilling by having the Solis 5-in-1 table grill. Having the grill in the centre of the table, diners can grill their own vegetables and meat on the top, stir-fry in the provided mini-pans while melting their cheese and raclette on the section below. There are attachments to do pancakes which you can easily do with the kids. This grill certainly allows us to enjoy freshly cooked food nice and hot!

Valentine’s day is certainly a time to spoil your significant other. There is no greater way to do it then with a tin of the most delicious caviar. N25 is a German company that produces caviar that is served in the world’s best restaurants. One of the most defining factors in achieving the complex flavor profile is their unique aging process. During aging, as fermentation takes place and proteins break down to amino-acids, caviar gradually develops complex and rich flavors. Personally I have tried a number of caviars, even Iranian beluga, however N25 caviar always has the best flavour and it isn’t overly salty. We have started to sell N25 caviar at the second level display counter, right after the salami and terrines.

~ Andre Huber

Excite Your Appetite! 


Why not try making your Valentine’s Day dinner a little special this year?

Add a little fun by whipping up a homemade romantic dinner together, easily on your dining table.

Avoid the crowd and pandemic with your loved one by adding something unique and practical to your stay-home cooking.

With Solis 5-in-1 Table Grill, you can grill or stir-fry meat and vegetables, melt raclette and bake pancakes, crêpes and pizzas with this compact but versatile gadget. It is easy to operate with just a temperature control knob and an on-off switch. Once done, you can conveniently place it in your kitchen cabinet as it measures only 27cm wide, 33cm long and a height of just 16cm. Easily reachable and portable if you decide to use it again!

Right now, we are giving away a Solis Vac Prestige vacuum sealer, worth $299 on our social media. Click here to participate!

The vacuum sealer is not only for preserving the freshness of your ingredients but a trend for sous vide cooking that locks up the flavour and nutrients within, while achieving a perfectly cooked dish every time!


Pure bred Kaluga Sturgeon (Huso dauricus) caviar. The epitome of fine caviar. Perhaps the rarest sturgeon species in the world, a cousin of the Beluga. It takes up to 16 years for the Kaluga sturgeon to reach maturity and produce the valuable caviar.


Do you know that Switzerland only exports 1 percent of its wine?

Swiss wine is one of Switzerland’s best-kept secrets! With more than 250 varieties of grapes grown over 15,00 hectares of land, they barely yield enough grapes to satisfy their domestic demand. Somehow, we managed to grab one of the best Swiss wines to add to our wine collection!

Pröschtli! 🥂

The historic vineyard of the Diocese of Sion, on the slopes of Saviese, was one of the first to be planted with this grape variety.

The multi-layered loess soil, the privileged microclimate and the old Diolinoir vines give this wine a unique richness and elegance. The ageing in oak and larch barrels is reminiscent of the Valois tradition.

Grapes at the Eveche are from old vines (up to 50 years) and from a single location in the Domaine de la Tourmalette which yields very intense wines with a pronounced aroma and complex secondary flavours.


Yes, yes, yes, we heard you! We have restocked our popular Haggis from Scotland after a logistical nightmare trying to get it to Singapore.

A savoury pudding traditionally made of lamb, oats, onions and spices, Lamb Haggis is usually enjoyed with turnips, mashed potato and Scotch whisky. The oatmeal gives it a soft, crumbly texture similar to stuffing, as well as an earthy flavour. When combined with salt and spices, it has a spicy, rustic hint with a peppery kick.

For the vegetarians and vegans, try the vegetarian haggis prepared with a mix of fresh vegetables, pulses, oatmeal, seeds and spices. For meat-eaters, you may fall in love with it too!

Just add them to your feta salad for a simple, healthy and good tasting appetiser!


If our Bistro’s amicable service has left a deep impression on you, Gunawardena Montgomery Juan (all of us calls him Monty for short), is one of our family members in the service crew to thank for!

He put passion in his work and enjoys remembering customers’ names and their must-order dishes at the Bistro.

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