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Happy International Women’s Day to all the amazing women out there! At Huber’s, I love it how the women can do many things better than the men and we recognise the great work that these women bring to our work family and to society. I hope you celebrate the amazing women in your life.
After all that feasting the previous months since the festive period, we will turn our attention to coming up with healthy recipes and eating well in order to stay in good health. As many of us start to travel where often we indulge in good food, we need to eat healthily while we are at home to balance this out. Look out for more information and recipes on our social media!
A rather healthy way to add flavour to your cooked meats is Lustenauer Senf. I love adding a dollop of chilli mustard & smoky bbq to my sliced steak. The mustard seeds pop in your mouth as you chew on it, giving a textural contrast to the meat with a burst of sharpness from the mustard that complements the flavour of the beef oh so well!


~ Andre Huber

Excite Your Appetite!



Huber’s Celebrates Swiss Weeks 2022


Taking place from March to April, visitors to the Swiss Weeks can look forward to participating in a string of activities ranging from exhibitions, live talks, engaging workshops, masterclasses, to the tasting of culinary delights.

In support of the event, we are serving up a good list of authentic iconic Swiss Dishes you rarely find in Singapore! From Swiss Cerevlat Salad, Beef Tripes Teciono style, Papet Vaudoise served with leeks and potatoes, topped with beautifully smoked pork sausages, to Brasato al Merlot, a pot roast recipe with deeply flavoured beef braised in robust red wine. Round off the meal with a Swiss carrot cake and a Kaffe Lutz!

So, hop on down between 17th to 31st March to experience the taste of Swiss delicacies right here at our Bistro!

We will be closing earlier for stocktake on 31st March, Thursday and will be back to serve you again the very next day! Kindly do place your last order with our Bistro by 4.30pm. See you!!


A toast to all ladies on International Women’s Day! 🍷

A great day to reflect on the strength and beauty of being a woman while sipping on Brachetto d’Acqui, an attractive translucent red colour wine. On the palate, the sweetness is impeccable, while the aromatic profile of this wine is rather striking whereby one can sense fresh red roses and raspberries!

If you are after food that taste great and made with love and attention by family farmers, then you should try Lustenauer Senf.

A fine nose and the joy of cooking and trying out new ingredients connect the generations of the Lustenau Senfmüller family Bösch from 1911 to today. The traditional mustard factory sits on a piece of Vorarlberg cultural heritage in the fifth generation. The highlight of the product is that the mustard seeds soak up and swell, becoming soft and crunchy. Only in the mouth, do the grains burst and release the sharpness of the mustard. Lustenau mustard is organic, contains­ no additives such as preservatives, flavourings, etc. which makes it stands out from the general mustard!




Alan always turns around with a big smile when he hears you calling him by name: he is most delighted when customers ask him for advice.


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