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We're one month into our #healthyeatingwithhubers campaign; how time flies. Thank you all for the overwhelming support thus far, from our Nutrition Workshop led by Bibi Chia to our Cooking Classes by our in-house chef, Chef Clement and Chef Yip and our Wellness Menu available at the Bistro!


Over the past month, I've learnt plenty of simple tips from our Nutrition Consultant, Bibi Chia, on how to adopt a healthier diet through practising diet diversity (eating at least 30 different plant foods a week), introducing swaps and substitutes to make every meal healthier as well as the art of reading food labels!

As a father of 3, I understand the influence we have as parents on our children's eating habits, which is why I've been trying to make better, conscious choices when grocery shopping.


Now made easier with our latest Wellness Range, a collection of wholesome and nutritious ingredients curated and approved by Bibi Chia. Switch it up and try any of our recipes on the recipe cards found near our cashiering area so that you can also prepare healthier meals at home! Healthy eating doesn't have to be about bland and boring foods.


~ Andre Huber

Excite Your Appetite!



Guess who visited Huber’s to get his protein needs last weekend.

Singapore’s first and only Olympic gold medallist, Joseph Schooling of course, together with his mom!⁠

In previous interviews, Schooling shared that he subscribes to strict dietary rules, especially when nearing competition. He generally makes sure he has a balanced meal and tries to stay away from fried foods and heavy salad dressings. "I like the tranquillity of cooking," he says.⁠

Huber’s is also one of his go-to butcheries for meats and fresh vegetables, so who knows? You may bump into the gold medallist while doing your grocery shopping at Huber's in the future!  🤩




At Huber’s, we are passionate about creating a positive and healthy working environment where our employees thrive.


That is why we’ve partnered with Ultimate Performance Gym to keep our team engaged with health and performance-boosting activities to keep fit, especially for some who are leading a sedentary lifestyle!


Thank you Owen, Mei & Jerome for such an energetic introduction to the ​semi-private small group Personal Training. It was challenging, but the team had a blast!


To provide a holistic wellness experience for ​all our valued customers, we have collaborated with Ultimate Performance Singapore; simply spend above $200 with us at Huber’s to receive a COMPLIMENTARY semi-private group training session with the World's leading Personal Trainers!



Have you checked out our Wellness Menu at the Bistro? Irresistible Asian-inspired flavours, nourishing salads, and protein-packed dishes that are satisfying to both your tummy and soul.

Try the signature Harrissa Organic Beef Sirloin with Pepper and Lemon Sauce  🥩 ($21) or our popular Grilled Spiced Lamb Loin ($18), which is marinated in a rendang mix, garlic, shallots, and coriander before it goes into a sizzling pan to earn a smoky char and served with Red Quinoa and Cucumber and Tomato Raita.


Savour other vegetable-forward dishes like the Lemongrass Pumpkin Soup ($6.50), Superfood Salad with Citrus Maple Dressing ($12) and Soba Noodles with Lime, Cardamon, and Avocado ($12.80) as well. ⁠

Our bistro is open from Tuesdays to Sundays, come by and enjoy a healthy meal anytime! 




Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first Butchery Demonstration with the Meat Trader’s Association at the 4th Edition of the Specialty & Fine Food Asia!


Our Managing Director, Ryan Huber and Huber's Training Consultant, Wong, recently butchered and deboned a 19.3kg Australian Lamb. They broke down half the lamb to retail-ready bone-in cuts and the other half of the lamb into retail-ready boneless cuts, leaving everyone with a visual understanding of where every cut of meat comes from, as well as the best cooking methods for the various cuts.

We've shared the Live Butcher Demonstration on our YouTube channel - the only lamb butchery video you will need to watch!


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