Uber Huber Issue 168


Time to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women!


With International Women's Day around the corner, take the time to celebrate with the women around you! Whether it's preparing their favourite cheeses with wine, a home-cooked meal or just a day of letting them unwind, let's show them how much they mean to us and all of the milestones they have achieved thus far; they definitely deserve the recognition! I will spoil my wife with one of her favourite cheese, the Moser Trüffle which we are featuring this month. This cheese which features mascarpone with black truffles encased in Brie is really delicious!


School's out this March with the upcoming school term break! In case you missed it, we have upgraded the playground further to make it more fun for the children, new flooring and a new rock climbing wall have been installed! Make a date and bring your little ones down to our bistro to enjoy some delicious food and a well-deserved play time at our playground! Please note that we are awaiting an additional playground equipment which is delayed till later this year due to construction and freight delays.


Just last week, we held a successful Brisbane Valley Quail event where Duncan Brown, owner of Brisbane Valley Quails and award-winning Chef Jason Peppler joined us to share more on the quails and performed cooking demonstrations with 2 special recipes for our members and guests! Check out the recipes below and try out Brisbane Valley Quail for yourself from our butchery!

~ Andre Huber

Excite Your Appetite!



Over the 2-day event, we are honoured to have renowned chefs from the F&B industry, our Huber’s members and influencer friends joining us to explore the impressive qualities of the World’s Largest Table Quail.


Brisbane Valley's “Quail with scale”, as they refer to them, have received praises from top chefs and food critics alike. They supply them to over 50 restaurants in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, Michelin-starred restaurants in Hong Kong, including Singapore!


We were joined by Duncan Brown, the owner of Brisbane Valley Quails, to share more about the bird, and Chef Jason Peppler, who showcased amazing recipes that everyone agreed were finger-licking good! Even John Lethlean, Australia’s number 1 Food Critic commented that it is “the best BBQ’d quail in the world..”


The quails are raised on an accredited free-range farm in naturally ventilated barns with natural light near the picturesque Wivenhoe Dam. They are free from hormones and being fed on natural grains specially grown by the local, Lockyer Valley farmers, with the manure used as fertiliser.


Ready to take a bite into the world's largest table quail? Get yours today at our butchery! On your way out, do grab Chef Jason Peppler’s special quail recipes near the cashier counter.


Here at Huber's, there's always something for everyone of all ages!


We have recently upgraded our playground with new flooring and a new rock climbing wall, to bring more fun to your little ones as you enjoy a nice steak with a hot cup of coffee at our bistro!


As part of our 2023 revamp, we will also be bringing in more playground equipment to keep your children entertained while you do your grocery shopping at Huber's.


See you at our butchery this March holidays!


Szepsy is a leading producer of Tokaji wine, situated in the village of Mád, just northwest of Tokaj town in northeast Hungary. The Szepsy family has been producing wine in the region since the 1500s and current head of the estate, István Szepsy, also known as 'the Lord of Wine', is regarded as a leading figure in Hungarian winemaking.

Úrágya Furmint

White wine from Tokaj, Hungary that is 100% Furmint. Notes of lemon peel, lime and grapefruit, its penetrating mineralilty with enticing spicy notes, is quite dry with a long refreshing finish.


Pair this fine bottle with some roasted chicken and broccolini!


White wine from Tokaj, Hungary that is made from Hárslevelű, Furmint and Muskotály.


Bone-dry with plenty of minerals, chalk and piercing acidity, this wine features notes of grapefruit, pear and peach, with a hint of jasmine.


Enjoy this stunning bottle with some charcuterie and cheese!

Percze Furmint

White wine from Tokaj, Hungary, made from 100% Furmint. This bottle features spicy apple aromas, a salty palate and elegant oak notes.


A sophisticated, structured and full-bodied wine with an outstandingly long finish.


Pair this bottle best with roasted quail!


Whether you're in the mood for some creamy, soft cheese or a heavy truffle flavoured one, these award winning cheeses that go perfect with any wine by Moser is definitely not to be missed.


BonCas Diary, the producer of Moser, was founded in 1998 by Ueli Moser and his wife, Patricia. Ueli Moser grew up in a family of cheese makers in the Thurgau canton in central eastern Switzerland and won his first award for his Riesling x Silvaner in 1996. With a huge passion for soft cheeses, this family run business regularly receive awards and prizes in Switzerland and Germany for their Moser specialties.


Moser Schweizer Huus Chäsli - A cheese not nearly as plain as its name. Its white rind is thick and strong, while the cheese itself light and creamy with a subtle, mild flavour. Belonging on every cheese platter, Moser Schweizer Huus Chäsli is also known to be a favourite amongst children!


Moser Bio Premium Aux Noix - Walnuts that are carefully handpicked and dried the traditional way, this white mold cheese has an incredibly nutty flavour that you will go nuts for!


Moser Premium Trüffel - This delicious cheese received the Swiss Cheese Award upon its debut in 2012. The delicate white-mould cheese is hand-shaped, enhanced with a fine filling of black truffles and mascarpone, perfectly ripened and garbed in poplar wood.


Moser Bio Premium Chardonnay - This smeared soft cheese won the Swiss Cheese Award on its introduction in 2016. Handmade with milk from the Seeland (Lakeland) region, sensitively smeared, tenderly bathed in the best Chardonnay wine, perfectly affinated, and most of all: outrageously enjoyed.


Moser Camembertli - The Moser Camembertli is the cheese of choice of all children and many adults due to it's mild, soft, yet firm enough to cut well texture. Connoisseurs often allow it to ripen a bit, to enjoy the fine creaminess as it melts on the tongue.


Have a taste of Moser cheese from our butchery! Available at level 2.



It's classic Nyonya recipes this March in Chef Yip's Asian cooking class!


From a unique Oriental Lamb Taco, inspired by the delicious Kueh Pie Tee, to a texture-filled Roasted Brinjal with Nuts, Shallots and Dried Shrimp, to an all time favourite Bonless Chicken Thigh Curry with Pita Bread, this class is a definite must-go!


Register your slot for the class today!

15th March 2023

22nd March 2023

29th March 2023


This March, join Chef Clement as he cooks up a mouth-watering Italian and French 3-course meal!


Starting off, learn to make a delicious Italian Arancino Carbonara with Basil Pesto, followed by a hearty Saltimbocca with Kale Salad, Carrot Pureé and Tomato sauce. End off the class on a sweet note with a yummy Quenelle of Chocolate Risotto with Italian Coffee Cream Liquor, Sour Cherries and Hazelnut!


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18th March 2023

25th March 2023

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