Uber Huber Issue 176

This Christmas, apart from staples such as turkey and ham, you can elevate your dining experience with our exquisite selections of Mangalica heritage pork, Marrunga Marble grain fed lamb and Stockyard beef! Should you wish to be adventurous, we offer a nice selection of game meats like venison, quail, rabbit and goose.


One of the treasures I'm particularly excited about is our range of Jimmy Tartufi truffle products. There's something truly magical about the aroma of truffles during the festive season. Whether it's enhancing your holiday roast with a drizzle of truffle oil or adding a touch of luxury to your pasta with truffle-infused sauce, these products are a simple way to elevate your Christmas meals into gourmet experiences.


Moving on to the N25 Caviar, it's a symbol of pure luxury and celebration. Each time I sample this caviar, I'm reminded of the festive spirit and the joy it brings. It's perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your holiday gatherings, whether as a sophisticated topping for canapés or as a luxurious treat to enjoy in a quiet moment. Be sure to accompany it with a nice bottle of bubbly’s from our range of champagne, prosecco and cava.


Our Mont D'or Cheese is another seasonal favourite, with its irresistibly creamy texture making it a perfect centerpiece for any festive cheeseboard. I often bake it until it turns into a gooey delight, topping it with bacon and caramelised onions and serving it with crusty bread for a simple yet indulgent dish that's always a hit.


And for those who love a variety of flavours, our Winter Cheese Platter at Huber's Bistro is a thoughtfully assembled selection that captures the essence of the season. It's more than just a platter; it's a celebration of fine cheeses that brings people together, surrounded by joy and festive cheer.


As the festive season unfolds, I warmly invite you to visit Huber's Butchery or explore our offerings online. Whether you're looking for these special Christmas items or your usual favourites, we're here to make your holiday celebrations even more delightful. Do take note that orders close on 15th December and availability while stocks last.


From my family to yours, I wish you a Merry Christmas filled with warmth, happiness, and, of course, delectable food. Thank you for being a part of our Huber's Butchery family. Let's make this a season of joyful feasting!

~ Andre Huber

Excite Your Appetite!


This Christmas, impress your guests with our exquisite selections of Mangalica Heritage Pork and Stockyard Beef!

Stockyard Beef, renowned for its high marbling and rich, buttery flavour, is the pride of Australian cattle, winning multiple awards including the 2023 Darling Downs Beef Battle.


As the festive season approaches, Huber's Butchery is thrilled to introduce an exclusive range of luxurious truffle products from Jimmy Tartufi, a renowned Italian brand specialising in the finest truffle delicacies. Sourced from the heart of Central Italy, these truffle products are perfect for adding a touch of elegance and unique flavour to your Christmas dinner.


Jimmy Tartufi's collection includes a wide range, ensuring there's something special for every palate. Whether you're planning a lavish feast or a cozy family dinner, these truffle-infused products are sure to impress!


Available at level 1 of our butchery, explore the full range of Jimmy Tartufi products or shop them on our Christmas Catalogue here and make this Christmas a celebration of fine taste and culinary excellence!




Get ready for a cheese experience like no other this Christmas with Mont D'Or! This isn't just any cheese; it's a festive sensation that's eagerly awaited every year. Produced only from August to March, Mont D'Or is a rare gem from the Jura region of France, wrapped in spruce bark for that unique, nutty flavour. It's so authentically French, it practically oozes charm and sophistication!


Baked to Perfection

Here at Huber's, we like to enjoy this exclusive cheese by transforming it into a festive fondue by baking it! Simply remove the lid, make some slits, add garlic and thyme, pop the box onto a baking tray and into a pre-heated oven of 200°C, for 8 minutes. You can add your own twist with garlic, black pepper and a splash of white wine! Once it's all gooey and bubbly, dive in with bread, potatoes, or sausage for a heartwarming, communal feast.


This Christmas, let Mont D'Or be the star of your holiday spread. Whether you're enjoying it fresh and creamy or baked and bubbling, it's guaranteed to bring smiles and warmth to your festive gatherings. Pair it with your favorite wine, and you've got a holiday treat that everyone will remember. But hurry, Mont D'Or is only here for the season, so grab it while you can and make your Christmas celebrations truly unforgettable!


Available at level 2 of our butchery.


This Christmas, indulge in the seasonal charm with our Bistro's exclusive Winter Cheese Platter. Carefully selected to enhance your holiday celebrations, our platter features an exquisite array of cheeses, each bringing its unique flavour to your festive table:

  • Comté: A French favourite, offering a nutty and sweet flavour that's perfect for a cozy Christmas evening.
  • Appenzeller Extra: A bold and spicy Swiss cheese, adding a touch of adventure to your holiday feasting.
  • Vacherin Fribourgeois: Creamy and rich, this Swiss cheese melts delightfully, reminiscent of a snowy winter's day.
  • Tome des Bauges: From the French Savoie, its earthy and fruity notes are like a serene winter landscape on your palate.
  • Isle of Mull Cheddar: A robust Scottish cheddar, its sharp and tangy taste is sure to enliven your taste buds.

Pair these cheeses with your favourite wines and accompaniments for a truly festive experience.


Join us at Huber's Bistro this Christmas season for a culinary journey that celebrates the best of winter flavours!


Ziereisen – Talrain Spätburgunder


Join us this weekend, 9th & 10th December, from 11am to 5pm, for an exclusive Kinmon Akita Sake Brewery’s award-winning sake tasting session!


Elevate your experience by pairing these exceptional sakes with our premium Emperor Oysters, freshly shucked on the spot, only on 9th December, 11am to 5pm.


  • Taste Award-Winning Sakes: Discover Kinmon Akita's unique sakes, celebrated for their rich umami and versatile flavours.
  • Perfect Oyster Pairings: Enjoy the harmonious combination of sakes with the delicate taste of Japanese oysters, happeningonly on Saturday, 11am - 5pm.
  • Learn and Enjoy: Gain insights into sake brewing and the art of pairing.

Event Details:

  • When: 9th and 10th December
  • Where: Gourmet Studio
  • Time: 11am - 5pm

Don't miss this unique experience where we bring you on a journey through exquisite flavours and aromas!

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