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As Mother's Day approaches, and as a husband and father, I am constantly amazed by the strength and grace of my wife and all the mothers out there. Their resilience and unconditional love make every day brighter and our lives fuller. Here at Huber’s, we're all about celebrating these incredible women with special treats and events that reflect our admiration and appreciation, this May. 

Mother’s Day Specials

Make this Mother’s Day one to remember with our handpicked delights! Let’s toast to all mothers with the elegant Deep Wood Estate Margaret River Rosé and sweeten the celebration with Bettenays Margaret River nougat. These handpicked treats are perfect for showing the special women in your life just how much they mean to you.

Meat of the Month: Tomahawk

If you’re looking to impress, our Meat of the Month, the Tomahawk, is your ticket to a spectacular Mother’s Day dinner! Its rich flavour and impressive presentation are sure to be the centrepiece of this special day. 

With my father being Swiss, I am proud to say that here at Huber’s, the Swiss blood runs! With every Swiss product and dish we offer, we are dedicated to authenticity and quality. By integrating Swiss culinary traditions into our offerings, we aim to bring a slice of Switzerland to Singapore, enriching your dining experience.

Celebrate with Swiss Flair!

Experience our heritage this Swiss Week at Huber’s Bistro with our Swiss-Local Fusion Menu, available from 27 May to 9 June! We're proud to present 3 stunning dishes that fuse Swiss traditions with local flavours, ensuring a dining experience like no other.

Dive into Swiss Culture

Don’t miss out on our Swiss cooking class with my father, Ernst Huber on 18 May! The perfect way to immerse yourself in Swiss culinary arts and bring a piece of Switzerland into your kitchen.

Thank you for being a part of our Huber's Butchery family. We look forward to helping you celebrate the special moments in your lives with great food and even greater memories.

~ Andre Huber

Excite Your Appetite!

This Mother's Day, celebrate the extraordinary women in your life with our exclusive selections! Whether you're raising a toast or sharing a sweet moment, our specially curated delights are perfect for showing just how much you appreciate her strength and love


Savour the Elegance

Uplift your celebration with the Deep Wood Estate Margaret River Rosé. Its delicate bouquet and crisp finish are sure to impress and make her feel cherished on this special day.


Sweeten the Occasion

Complement the toast with Bettenays Margaret River nougats! Crafted from the finest ingredients, this treat is a delightful mix of soft texture and sweet flavours that melt in your mouth, symbolising the sweetness she brings into your lives.

The king of vegetables has arrived! 🌿 Get your hands on Germany's finest white asparagus before it's gone! Traditionally eaten with ham and potatoes, or as a soup, in salads, served with steaks or Schnitzel.


Elevating your dining experience with the finest white asparagus creations from our seasonal menu. A symphony of flavors that will leave you craving for more.



For a show-stopping centrepiece this Mother’s Day, our Meat of the Month, the Tomahawk, is an unbeatable choice! This prime cut is not only a feast for the eyes with its striking presentation but also offers a taste experience that is second to none. 

The Tomahawk's rich marbling and robust flavours ensure that each bite is juicily irresistible and deeply satisfying.

Perfect for grilling and sharing, this elaborate cut makes any meal a celebratory event. 

Experience Swiss Fusion at Our Bistro!

From 28 May to 8 June, join us at Huber’s Bistro for a culinary adventure with our Swiss Fusion Menu, as part of Swiss Week! We've thoughtfully crafted three unique dishes that blend Swiss culinary art with local Singaporean flavours, offering a dining experience that's as delightful as it is unique.



Crab Meat in Brioche Swiss Roll with Chilli Crab Sauce

Experience the luxurious blend of tender crab meat wrapped in a soft brioche Swiss roll, topped off with a spicy and sweet chilli crab sauce. This fusion dish marries the elegance of Swiss bread with the bold, iconic flavours of Singapore.


Swiss Zopf Roti John

Dive into a creative take on the classic Roti John with our Swiss Zopf bread, bringing a buttery, braided twist to this beloved local favourite. Filled with a savoury mix of Mackerel fillet and mustard, it's grilled to perfection and sure to satisfy your taste buds.



Toasted Carrot Cake Slices with Kaya Frosting

End your meal on a high note with our toasted carrot cake slices, accentuated with a luscious kaya frosting. This dessert combines the comforting warmth of Swiss-style carrot cake with the tropical sweetness of kaya, creating a harmonious fusion that's a feast for the senses.

Join us for these exquisite creations that celebrate the best of both worlds. Whether you’re a lover of Swiss cuisine looking to explore local twists, or a local foodie craving a touch of Swiss sophistication, our menu promises something exciting for every palate.

Swiss Cooking Classes with Legendary Culinary Master

Mark your calendars for 18 May and join us for an exclusive Swiss cooking class led by none other than Mr. Ernst Huber! 

With a wealth of experience in the artistry of both cuisine and hospitality, Chef Huber is set to impart his culinary knowledge as well as sharing one of his mother's time honoured recipe. 

As a distinguished member of the culinary scene in Singapore, he has not only graced esteemed cooking competitions as a judge but has also held significant leadership roles within the Singapore Chef's Association. Recognized for his contributions, he was honoured with the prestigious title of honorary member of the World Association of Cooks Societies and later acclaimed as the inaugural honorary president of the Singapore Chefs Association. 

During the Swiss Weeks celebration, Chef Huber will unveil the secrets behind crafting authentic Swiss delicacies namely Sliced Veal Zurich-Style with Tartiflette Potatoes, Layered Beef Escalope au jus and a bonus recipe of onion sauce which pairs well with the Swiss Veal Sausage and other grilled meats. 

Get ready to immerse yourself in an enriching culinary experience as he shares his expertise, teaching the art of preparing Swiss cuisine the traditional way. 


Sliced Veal Zurich-Style with Tartiflette Potatoes 

Layered Beef Escalope Au Jus 

Swiss Carrot Cake 

Bonus recipe, Onion Sauce for Swiss Veal Sausage 


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