December is just around the corner and hopefully, you have made plans for your Christmas and New Year festivities. We have limited stock of the various sizes of turkeys as well as meat so it is best to get your orders in early before they sell out. Please remember the last day for Christmas orders is 15th December.

Hams are a mainstay on our Christmas table. It is easy to prepare and well-loved by both kids and adults. In recent years the small pig ham has been our go-to ham because of the size and it also boasts a finer texture although this year I will try to convince my brother (the official Christmas chef) to do a Kurobuta ham with a homemade glaze. Please do let me know if you have an awesome recipe for a glaze!

I always love eating Indian food because of all the aromatic spices but I do not have half the spices that they typically use in my pantry. As such I never prepare it at home. Goan cuisine sauces, chutneys and jams allow me to create fuss-free and delicious meals at home. I heat up pieces of meat and vegetables in the various sauces and pair it with basmati rice. So simple and satisfying.


Excite your appetite!