The festive season is upon us. I have accepted the reality that we will spend Christmas and New Year in Singapore and I’m very much hoping we move into the next phase before then so that we can celebrate with more family and friends. One thing is for sure, our family at Huber’s are doing our best to ensure we provide you with the best meat and groceries available to make your festive celebration as good as it can be. The Christmas catalogue will be launched on 1st November 2020 and you can pick up a copy in-store or visit our website to download a copy.


Nowadays I have been preparing my own lunches to bring to work. Many times I make my own salad with different combinations to keep it interesting. Though I am not a big fan of Greek salad as I prefer to have leafy greens, I really enjoy feta cheese in my salads. It gives it a nice richness and tang while providing good amounts of protein. Kolios barrel aged Feta is definitely my go-to feta due to its delicious flavour and creamy texture. I always make my salad dressings with extra virgin olive oils and one of my favourites is the Aberquina olive oil. Casa de Hueldo is constantly ranked as one of the top olive oil producers in the world and the Aberquina is a nice fruity oil which is not too bitter and spicy.


Having studied in Australia, pies were my go-to snack whenever I wanted something fast and quick. I was of course used to the ‘fast food’ variety since I was a student. I’m glad now my kids and I can have gourmet Australian pies in the form of Ivan’s finest pies. Give it try and you will see how it makes such a satisfying snack or meal!


Excite your appetite!