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Huber’s is a family owned and operated business. The Huber family shares a common love for meats and an intense passion for quality. They possess the uncanny ability to combine both their passions in order to provide the very best meat products to the discerning consumer.


Leading the company is Chairman Ernst Huber, the passionate and inspirational driving force behind Huber’s.

As a young man, Ernst studied and prepared to take over his parent’s restaurant business (which is still operating today) and apprenticed for 5 years, studying the art of butchery and cooking from Swiss masters. Seeking greater experience, he traveled to different countries such as Malta, Iran, Kenya, Malaysia and Korea working in Hotels as a chef before arriving in Singapore.

Ernst joined the Dynasty Hotel (now Marriot Hotel) as the Executive Chef in its inaugural team in 1981. He eventually rose to the position of Hotel Manager in 1992 and held that position till the hotel’s management change.

As a chef and hotelier, Ernst was invited to judge at several cooking competitions and was a founding member of the Singapore Chef’s Association, holding a number of positions over the years. He served as the President of the Association from 1985 to 1990 and in 1992 was elected as an honorary member of the World Association of Cooks Societies. In 2006, he became the first person to be inducted as an honorary president of the Singapore Chefs Association.

After a successful career in hospitality, Ernst revisited his dream of owning a European-style butchery and delicatessen. With a lifetime of experience to guide him, he founded Swiss Butchery in 1994 with the first shop along Bukit Timah Rd. He has since parted ways with Swiss Butchery and has now joined Huber’s Butchery.

Ernst along with his two sons will now strive to build Singapore’s best butchery; this by offering only the best quality products, delivered with a professional yet personal service. He has great appreciation to his loyal band of customers and aims to repay this gratitude by delivering maximum value to them. 

With regard to his work ethic, Ernst describes himself as “serious and professional”. He is a hands-on, operations geared owner who believes that there is no substitute for hard work, honesty and discipline. In 2008, at age 60, he continues to strive towards excellence as a personal example to everyone in the company. Of his management style, he has one straightforward belief, “you get the best out of others when you give the best of yourself”.

Ryan Huber

Ryan Huber is the Managing Director of Huber’s. His love for food was evident from a young age and has worked at several restaurants as a cook during his school holidays. He helped out at Swiss Butchery since its conception and has honed his butchery skills under the careful guidance of his dad, Ernst. He graduated with a 1st Class Honors in Automotive Engineering and has since started his own company, Huber’s. Instead of designing cars, he designed the Huber’s factory and is responsible for the operations and production of the delicious sausages and hams we sell. Much of the work that Ryan puts in is behind the curtains. Besides spearheading the food safety team (HACCP), he has developed a Swiss-like quality and consistency in the Huber’s range of manufactured products.

andre huber

Ryan’s younger brother, Andre, is a Singapore citizen born in 1980. Andre grew up appreciating food thanks to his butcher and chef trained Swiss dad, Mr. Ernst Huber. When they went out to eat, Mr. Huber would explain the dishes and how they were cooked. Through these early teachings and spending his school holidays working at the family butchery business, Andre started to develop a sound knowledge of food. He put knowledge to practice when he had to cook while he studied overseas in Melbourne, graduating with a business degree (with distinction) specializing in Marketing. Andre established Huber’s Butchery with his brother and is primarily responsible for sales to the food service industry. Apart from managing the marketing, logistics and administrative functions, Andre oversees the import of meat products. Through his many interactions with chefs and suppliers of gourmet food products, Andre is kept abreast of the latest food trends. He lives his dream to “excite your appetite”, providing top quality ingredients to others so that they can cook and enjoy good food; just like he does for his family.

thomas kreissl

Thomas Kreissl is our General Manager of Retail. He oversees the retail operations and brings on board his vast experience in cooking and a quality-obsessed attitude. This dynamic gent keeps vigilant watch on the high standards of our product and service to you; everything from the shining shop floors to prompt deliveries to your home, to the first smells that greet you when you walk through our door. If there’s something exceptional you’ve noticed about our service, you can be sure that Thomas has had a hand in it.

mike tan

Mike Tan is the Production Manager (manufacturing). He brings onboard 35 years of experience as a butcher and is in charge of overseeing production of our sausages, hams, bacons and cold cuts.


Kumar was first hired in 2008 as a Production Supervisor and his main responsibility was to prepare wholesale orders. He was promoted to the position of Production Manager (wholesale) in 2012. He manages our team of butchers who prepare orders for our ever increasing customer base of restaurants, hotels, clubs and airlines.

great things will never be achieved by working alone ...only a team travelling in the same direction will.

At Huber’s, we attribute our success to our team of committed individuals who demonstrate consistently high levels of passion and focus on product and service excellence. As a company, we place a strong emphasis on open communication, respect, ethics and integrity. Our commitment to total quality and our own well-being can only be realised if we have a positively energised and fulfilled team who are encouraged to develop to their fullest potential. When our customer’s needs are met, we feel a sense of satisfaction, harmony and rapport.


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