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Pork is the meat from the carcass of a pig. It is one of the most commonly consumed meats worldwide, with evidence of pig cultivation dating back to 5000 BC. Pork is eaten in various forms, including cooked, cured, dried, smoked or a combination of these methods. It is also a common ingredient in the making of sausages.

Even though pork is generally white in colour, it is still considered "red meat" because it contains higher levels of a protein called "myoglobin" than chicken or fish. The amount of myoglobin contained in meat is what determines its colour. Like beef, lamb and veal, pork is also classified as "livestock" and all livestock is categorised as "red meat." Pigs today are raised much leaner than they were years ago, now containing 35% to 50% less fat.

Huber’s Butchery offers three types of pork. The first being a Duroc, Large White and Landrace hybrid which are air-flown from Canada and are fed on a diet which consists of grains (wheat, barley, corn, soy and peas). The second being Black Berkshire pork, also known as Kurobuta pork, from the USA. The pig is fed a specially formulated mix of grains. The third is the rare Mangalica pork from Hungary. This pork is raised naturally and fed on green fodder, alfalfa, grass, sometimes pumpkin, sugarbeet combined with wheat, barley, maize and sunflower. All three are raised without the use of growth hormones and feed additives such as DDGS and Ractopamine.

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