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A sausage is a prepared food product usually made with minced meat, fat, salt, water and spices. Other ingredients such as herbs are sometimes added and it is usually packed in a casing. Sausage making is a very old food preservation technique. Huber’s Butchery prides itself in using only the finest ingredients for its sausages. We are also proud to highlight that all our sausages contain no added Monosodium Glutamate. Sometimes other manufacturers add in fillers such as flour or chemicals such as phosphate so that the sausage can hold more water. This helps to lower the cost of producing the sausage however the sausage is of an inferior quality and contains gluten if flour is added. We are also proud to say almost all our sausages are gluten-free unless the recipe calls for ingredients like breadcrumbs or beer. You can ask our staff if you are concerned which sausages contain gluten.

Sausages are cured and/or smoked and may also be cooked or dried. Different varieties of sausage are served for different purposes, such as snacks, breakfast, appetiser or main course.

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