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Eight new types of cheese - 1st Jul 2016

8 new types of cheese arrived in our store several days ago and they are produced by Quesos Vega Sotuélamos S.L. that started in 1998 in a little village called Sotuélamos in the Province of Albacete. Two friends took over an old cheese factory, located next to Sotuélamos river which has been producing traditional cheese for many years. At that time, both of them knew nothing about cheese making.

They have come a long way and today they are making several types of cheese.

The 8 new types of cheese Huber's Butchery imports from there are:


  1. Queso Oveja Curado Cuna
    A manchego sheep cheese wedge matured for 5 to 6 months. Firm and clean cutting cheese, intense flavour and strong aroma in its aftertaste, which reminds us of huge Manchego fields. It stands out for a scent that awakens our senses.
  2. Queso Oveja Romero Cuna
    Sheep cheese aged  for 8 to 10 months and wrapped with wisps of rosemary. Stunning and remarkable with an amazing aroma and unique flavour. 
  3. Zamorano DOP Viejo AL Vacio
    Made with raw milk and matured for 6 months. It has an ivory, yellowish to dark colour. Has a strong flavour, large bouquet  and long persistence.
  4. Idiazabal (DOP) AL Vacio
    Made with raw sheep's milk cheese. Smoked cured and matured for 6 months. Its colour is uniform (pale yellow or greyish white). The inner colour of the cheese is homogeneous from ivory to pale yellow. It has a medium elasticity texture, with few eyes distributed randomly and mostly irregularly (with a size of less than a grain of rice). Smell of sheep milk, penetrating and clean and slightly spicy. With a medium intensity smoke. Absence of bitterness with a persistent smoky aftertaste.


  5. Queso Mahon Artesano SA Naveta Semi
    Lactic flavour, curt and distinctive, slightly spicy, with a very aromatic and lingering flavour. It has some reminiscents of butter and toasted hazelnuts. 
  6. Tetilla
    Made with pasturised cow's milk, the flavour is mild, not pungent, without acidity or excessive bitterness.

  7. Queso Cabrales DOP Cuna
    Blue cheese, made with raw cow's milk, with a creamy texture of different degrees of cohesion. Slightly spicy taste.
  8. Murcia Al Vino
    The Murcia al Vino has an agreeable acidic flavour, combined with just a hint of butteriness. The colour of the cheese itself is brilliant white, while the wine bath imparts a deep violet colour to the rind in addition to a slight scent of red wine that melds with the pleasant aroma that is characteristic of this goat’s milk cheese. 

Try the new types of cheese today! Or get them for your cheese-loving friends! Now available for purchase online and in-store. Free delivery for purchases $75 and above!


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