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Exceptional Balsamic Vinegar from Switzerland - 1st Dec 2012

Are you running out of ideas on what to get as a Christmas present
for a foodie or a home chef?Forget about the chocolates or the wines! 

Exceptional balsamic vinegar from Switzerland

Exceptional balsamic vinegar from Switzerland (200ml each) 

The Baerg Marti balsamic vinegar is not your regular vinegar but is
an exquisite one that is aged in oak casks for over 36 months
at an altitude of 3000 metres in Switzerland's Bernese Alps. This
is a pure, natural product and contains no additives.


Baerg Marti's balsamic fruit-flavoured vinegars add that finishing
touch to haute cuisine dishes just as much as they do to
everyday meals; including all types of salad, of course. But
connoisseurs also use Baerg Marti vinegar to transform antipasti,
meat, fish and cheese dishes, vegetables, sauces and even
sweet desserts and sparkling aperitifs into that extra-special
delicacy. Unlike other balsamic vinegar, this vinegar is in
such concentrated premium quality that only a couple of
drops is required.


Put a ribbon on it and you are ready to head for that party! 


Now available for sale at Huber's Butchery @ Dempsey:

  • Baerg Marti Apple Balsamic Vinegar
  • Baerg Marti Pear Balsamic Vinegar 


You are at huber's online.

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