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Pyxie Moss - 3rd Jan 2017

Pyxie Moss

A new year brings new surprises and Pyxie Moss was a welcomed one. My husband, Richard, and I were looking for something different this week and we found it. Discreetly tucked away in the city area this (asian influenced) modern European restaurant offers original cocktails and exciting menu with plenty of twists and decent tunes.

Duck & Puff


Chicken Crispies


We started with the Duck & Puff which came as three glossy mini domes encasing the smooth duck liver mousse, foie gras infused milk in a laboratory beaker, and rice puffs in a paper shaker bag. It was a joy diving in as we drizzled the foie milk then sprinkled the crispy puffed rice all over. It was well balanced, light and was tasty as much as it is novelty. We had the Chicken Crispies too, and as the name suggests, they were fried, chicken skin and breaded chicken, it was good but we both felt chef was a little heavy handed with salt and the smoked chicken breast did not come through.

After much debate (everything looks good), we decided to go with the pig, beef, and lamb.

Alpine Lamb Curry


The Alpine Lamb Curry came first, it is a rich, kinda like indian curry, with good amount of spice and aroma, served with miniature 50-cent coin sized papadums and roti, it was a delight to swirl them around then spoon them into our mouths with the rich gravy, however the lamb loin was a little dry as compared to the soft, fall-off-the-bone lamb ribs. Portion size is a little small for a main, I mean, you can never have too much curry.

Beef & Oyster 

The Pig


Next up, The Pig, which was Richard's favourite out of all that we ordered, the Iberico pork collar was cooked to perfection with a hint of pink in the middle and a sweet, umami flavour. We were told the meat was neither smoked nor brined, as it is was grilled straight up with a little salt and pepper to preserve the natural sweetness of the beautiful acorn-fed Iberico pork. The hickory smoked mash was definitely worth mentioning as it was packed with the right amount of smokiness and texture was silky smooth. I enjoyed The Pig too, but personally preferred the Beef & Oyster more. In my opinion, it was a meaty twist to steak frites. Slices of medium-rare hangar steak topped with crispy honeycomb tripe that resembles fries, excellent for the carb-conscious me. The pickled eggplant is almost paste-like which is good to smear the meat with, and not forgetting the braised tempura cauliflower which was creamy with a bit of crunch from the crust.

Cocktails at Pyxie Moss


Food aside, I would highly recommend the special cocktails, each concocted by Chef Tim & his team, which has a savoury element. Being gin lovers, we went for the floral Ginger Julie and refreshing Re-G&T with hints of grapefruit and lemon, and the slightly sweeter, brandy based Adam's Apple towards the end of the meal. Make sure you save room for dessert, because we really regretted not doing so.

Overall, we loved this place. The dining experience was fun and engaging, cocktails go well with food and they do not rush through serving the food, leaving you enough time between each plate. We had a few food envy moments when different looking plates were served around us, I'd strongly recommend to visit Pyxie Moss in group, four would be perfect if you'd like to try everything on the menu. Definitely save room for dessert, we wish we had!!

Good news for people working in the area and they are now serving lunch from Tuesday to Friday. I had a peek at the lunch menu, sure am looking forward to trying their version of Bacon 'n' Eggs and the vegetarian-friendly Harvest Bowl.

~ Autumn Wee
Huber's Pte Ltd


Pyxie Moss is located at 
42 North Canal Rd
Singapore 059299
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