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L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon - 6th Oct 2017

It took me 7 years before visiting 2 michelin star L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon last week. I was at the Great Food festival at Resorts World Sentosa and was very impressed by the dishes churned out by the L’Atelier booth that Senior Huber and I decided to have dinner here with our wives before opening chef Lorenz Hoja moves to Hong Kong.

Upon entering the main doors, you can either go right to 3 michelin Joel Rubuchon or turn left to L’Atelier. Upon entering the restaurant, the ambience is dark with lots of black and contrasting red chairs. I love how they have jars of pickled fruits and vegetables lining the shelves along with herbs and plants which really give the restaurant colour and life. The open kitchen is also in full view of diners and it is always fun when you sit at the bar and watch the chefs do their thing.

We started with a bread basket. At Joel Robuchon, they come around in a bread trolley however here it is downsized to a basket. Still it is nice selection but most importantly the quality of the bread is good. I especially liked the olive bread. We started off with Imperial Cavier from Sologne on dashi jelly with delicate cream. The mini croutons on the cream was almost too cute to eat. This dish was full of umami and saltiness from the dashi and cavier. Next up we had the marinated king crab in a vine tomato on top of basil puree and tomato jelly. I loved the presentation of this dish and cutting the tomato revealed chunky pieces of crab. There are a lot of restaurants that put a whole bunch of ingredients on the plate because it sounds good or they think it goes well with one another when it doesn’t. Here at L’Atelier, every ingredient has a purpose and everything just blends together to make the dish excellent. The spicing and seasoning is just right and I’m sure a lot of testing was done to get it perfect.


Bread basket


Imperial Cavier from Sologne on dashi jelly

King crab in a vine tomato on top of basil puree and tomato jelly


The highlight of the night for me was the chicken broth with foie gras gyoza and fresh herbs. The dumplings were packed full of flavour and there was even some prawns in there for texture. Senior Huber exclaimed that he could eat this everyday. I reserved comment and just slowly enjoyed the flavours in my mouth. Next dish was a chestnut veloute with bacon on a foie gras custard. Amazing as well but super rich. The ladies had trouble finishing this one as they feared they could not finish the main course. The foie gras paired really well with the chestnut and the chunks of bacon provided some texture to the dish.

Chestnut veloute with bacon on a foie gras custard   

Foie gras gyoza

For our main course, we had the roasted farm chicken with girolle mushroom. It was served with the most buttery mash potatoes and rice! Not any ordinary rice but rice cooked in crustacean broth. The chef told us that the kampong chicken is marinated in butter overnight then sous vide and finished off on the rotisserie. It was paired with a classic brown chicken broth cream sauce and served with the in-season and very earthy tasting girolles. Senior Huber enjoyed the girolles while my wife found them a bit too strong for her liking.

   Mash potato with rice

We finished the meal off with berries on a Brittany biscuit, dark chocolate sorbet and tonka bean sauce poured in at the table. A not too rich but sweet ending to our meal.

Dessert of the day!

This dinner made me wonder why I never made it sooner to L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon. I can definitely see why they have 2 michelin stars and it will be interesting to see if the new chef can keep the standard or even better it!



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