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Salted and Hung - 11th Jul 2018

“Charcuterie, the art of electrocuting sharks,” quipped my husband, Colin, as I entertained thoughts of electrocuting him for such a bad joke. Since Salted and Hung does its own curing, we had to give it a go when we were there last Saturday for dinner. On the charcuterie platter that evening was coppa, chocolate and chilli salami, bresaola, pig head terrine, and duck rillette, served with crackers and thick pickled cucumbers. The duck rillette had a good layer of lard and a fried shallot fragrance that is a mystery where and how it came about. The terrine had accompanying pickled cauliflower and onion with curry that complements with the terrine very well. Accompanying all these was their home-made crackers that were thin, crisp and had cumin and other spices. Those crackers definitely did the charcuterie justice!

Charcuterie platter

Next we had the grilled US scallops served with celeriac puree. One serving comes with 2 scallops that were well grilled. Both had an appropriate layer of char that speaks of skill behind the grill. Colin  loved it even though he doesn’t fancy seafood. On looking back, he concludes that the scallops were the best thing on the table that night.

Grilled U.S scallop

Colin then had the pork chops while I had the skirt steak. The pork chops is on the ala carte menu while the skirt steak is on the specials. The chops came covered in thin beetroot slices served with raisin puree, and hazelnuts. These pork chops have a generous ratio of fats and are therefore juicy and tasty. It would be have better though if the chops were grilled to higher level of doneness to render the fats better for they tasted a bit waxy.

Pork chop

My skirt steak was more exciting. It had a great complexity of flavours on the char (though tough) that I enquired on the seasonings used. The answer? “Just salt and pepper”. It is amazing as we get very clean flavours when we grill steaks with salt and pepper. This one had short bursts of different flavours that complements one another. And so the wait staff went on to talk about the Josper grill that the restaurant uses. Because all the different grilled foods go on the same grill, they each leave behind some flavours that are eventually picked up by the next item. What makes Josper different, among other factors, is that it is an oven and grill combined into one. Works 100%  by charcoal and is a closed system, it delivers that “magic” in foods cooked on it. And so I discussed with Colin how is it that we do not get such flavours from his Weber grill that also uses 100% charcoal and comes with a lid (also closed system right?) We have on several occasions used it to grill pork belly, chicken leg, etc and it doesn’t deliver such results.

Skirt steak

Did you know that salads could be fried and served with bacon*? That was the brussels sprouts salad we had that evening. * Guanciale actually.

Brussels sprout salad with Guanciale 

For old times’ sake, Colin urged me to take the home-made timtams with rich, delicious chocolate ice-cream for dessert while he had the Smoked Maple. We have an ice-cream maker at home and I have made for the family, on several occasions, chocolate ice-cream using different recipes but same ingredients. The key to rich ice-cream is just real ingredients! In fact, doesn’t this apply to any other foods? If you like your whiskey extra smokey, try the Smoked Maple.


Chocolate ice-cream and smoked maple

 ~Ariella Lee
Marketing Executive


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