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Winnie - 1st May 2019

Huber’s moved from 18 to 22 Dempsey Road in 2015. With the expansion came an increase in headcount - this was when Winnie joined us. She learnt about the job opening from Joey (whom we featured last month), her ex-colleague.


Winnie joined Huber's in 2015

Four years on and Winnie is very grateful to Joey for telling her about the vacancy at Huber's. She loves her job here at Huber’s and mentioned that Huber’s is, by far, her best employer. Her colleagues, especially her fellow cashiers, are all very nice and the working hours here are shorter compared to all her previous jobs. She is happy that she has more time now to spend with her family.

Winnie and her family

Winnie was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She came to Singapore in 1985 in search of better job opportunities. Now, a Singapore citizen, Winnie is married with two children who are already in university. During her free time, Winnie likes to go to the library. Detective fiction books captivate her so much that she would be lost in the fictional world. Besides that, she likes to read ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’.

Winnie has a secret hobby that she is shy to tell about - cross-stitching! She enjoys stitching verses from the Bible for display at home. See what she has stitched! Exchange tips with her if you are a fellow cross stitch-er!

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