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Jackson Liang - 1st Jul 2019

Jackson communes from Iskandar, Johor, to Singapore daily for work. The travelling takes him slightly more than 2 hours (each way) on a good day. Jackson joined Hubers in January 2016 as Bistro Chef after working in Singapore for almost 10 years. It has been more than 3 years with us, and he is grateful for the work-life balance he found here at Huber's. The regular hours here allows him time to spend with his family. Considering this, Jackson is confident that he will be working at Hubers for a long time to come!

Jackson makes an effort to be present at every
developmental assessment his son is due for

He goes home to JB to his parents, two older brothers, a younger sibling, his wife, and a one-year old son every day. On his days off, Jackson cooks for the entire family. He also collects stamps, a hobby he has been enjoying since young. If you are planning to toss out that stamp album in your closet, don't! One man's poison is another man's treasure! Pass it on to Jackson! Because his son is still young, Jackon makes an effort to be present at every developmental assessment his son is due for.

Jackson hopes to save up enough for a bigger house so his son has more space to play in. While Jackson knows it is a bit stereotypical for people in the trade, he also hopes to start a restaurant too.

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