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Experiencing Special Cuts of Toriyama Wagyu - 1st Nov 2019

Mention Wagyu, and one first thinks of Japan. 

While Wagyu farms in Japan historically strive to produce more marbling, Toriyama Wagyu sets out in pursuit of new qualities and flavours. Not bound by the current trends of emphasising only the marbling, they pride themselves on the beefy flavours in their Wagyu on top of good marbling.

They breed cows with a higher umami level (i.e. beef with high amino acids while also retaining high oleic acids). The farm even owns a patented technology to measure the “amount of umami” of the meat based on the fatty acid composition.

Only 5 heads of Wagyu with the highest umami scores are specially hand-selected by Toriyama for export.

With such limited number of cattle hand-selected for export, and one cow can only provide that much ribeye or sirloin, chances are you have to fight with someone else to get those primary cuts and demand-and-supply comes into play.

But beef are more than ribeye and sirloin! 

Hence, we recently joined forces with Toriyama to share more on the less-known cuts of their umami-packed beef which still allow customers to get that same melt-in-your-mouth experience at a slightly lower price.


At a recent cooking class held in late October, our chefs demonstrated three ways to serve these special cuts chuck roll for sukiyaki; chuck roll and short plate (flank) for yakiniku; gooseneck round/outside flat for red wine beef stew.

Mr. Wataru Toriyama also came all the way down to share with and demonstrate to our Huber's members the difference between how Eastern and Western Japan serve their sukiyaki.

To let more customers experience these cuts, we have recently added the chuck roll to the Toriyama range at our Dempsey store!

The chuck roll is the forequarter portion that is cut between the 6th and 7th rib perpendicular to the dorsal line excluding the shoulder clod and the brisket. It can be well-marbled and the meat is tender and tasty, making it perfect for steaks, sukiyaki, yakiniku, shabu-shabu, stewing and barbecuing.

Good news to those who did not manage to join! 

Available in-store only, so make your way to our store soon.


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