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Barossa Valley Omega 3 Eggs - 1st Feb 2020

Have you seen our Barossa Valley Omega 3 eggs at the Dempsey store?

We have recently brought in a new range of eggs, including these barn-laid free-roaming eggs from South Australia. They have five times as much Omega 3 as the average egg and match that in a tin of tuna per gram!

Omega-3 has been shown to be very important in human health, particularly in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, in brain development and for newborn babies. Found naturally in plants and fish, Omega-3 is important in our diet because it is a fatty acid that we can’t make. 

These Barossa Valley Omega 3 eggs were developed by Solar Eggs Farms in a joint venture with Adelaide University and the Government of South Australia, over a 6-month study of Omega 3 implementation using flaxseed oil in the hen’s diet. 

Through the research, it was demonstrated that flaxseed oil contains high levels of short chain Omega-3 fatty acids and hens fed a diet containing flexseed oil produced eggs enriched with long chain Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid (the type found in fish). 

Get your Omega-3 now with these eggs. Available both in-store and online!


About Solar Eggs Farms

Solar Eggs works to provide the best environments for all their hens. With three generations of poultry farming experience, the directors have the knowledge and reputation for designing and sourcing the best equipment available to create “hen paradise”. This includes air conditioning, anytime access to fresh feed and water, LED lighting and roll-away nests. Their hens have space and luxury in a safe environment within their shed during non-ranging times.

They have also invested millions of dollars in acquiring old cage farms and converting them into modernised Free Range Sheds. The sheds overlook natural forest environments and the ranges attached to each shed allow the hens to have access to this pristine setting, a perfect environment for a ranging hen.

As bio-security is of great concern, Solar Eggs has established a ring of farms around Adelaide. Each farm is far enough away from one another to prevent multiple-farm contamination if an outbreak occurs. Their grading and processing facility is also strategically located off farm. This is critically important as grading cannot continue on the site should a farm have an outbreak. Solar Eggs is the only producer with this level of protection in South Australia.

Solar Eggs has also passed all state and national accreditation and leads the industry in Quality Assurance practice.


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