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Molives - 1st Feb 2020

Olives are just olives?

Australian family-run business Molives is out to prove you wrong.

This Sydney-based company specialises in producing quality, artisan Australian gourmet olives for the discerning consumers –handmade in small batches– as an alternative to mass-produced, machine-stuffed olives.

Their passion for olives allows them to strive in finding the finest, nutritional olives and constantly push boundaries to create new gourmet olives products. They use only the finest Greek olives, traditionally brined to be perfectly tender, yet crisp. These plump, juicy Greek olives are then hand-stuffed and marinated with award-winning, fresh Australian ingredients.

Molives also strives to support the Australian local farmers – table olives are Australian grown; olive oil and all stuffing ingredients are Australian; even their production materials such as plastic pails and labels are made in Australia!

They also pride themselves on their convenient and smart packaging to make storing and serving olives easy – no refrigeration required; no fuss, no liquid, no mess; and still fresh and delicious.

Create a bed of couscous for roast meats on an attractive and decorate them with hand-stuffed almond olives, enjoy the succulent and flavoursome pitted kalamatas with cubes of fetta and slices of crusty bread, or simply have these olives as a snack to enjoy with beer or chilled wines. They are great to serve with fine wines, cocktails and beers. You could also add them to pasta dishes, pizzas, bread, antipasto platters, cheese platters, tagines, casseroles and so much more!

These olives are currently available in 5 exciting varieties at Huber’s – Pitted Australian Kalamata Olives, Australian Seasonal Olives, Oregano & Garlic Olives, Chilli Green Olives, and Almond Hand-stuffed Olives.  They are all specifically salt- and vinegar- reduced, improving their flavour and bringing through the real flavour of olives.

Pitted Australian Kalamata Olives

Olives brined in the traditional method, using sea salt, water and vinegar over several months, until ready for eating.

Australian Seasonal Olives

The party mix is a combination of the greatest groves across Australia. Olives were sourced based on seasonal variety and farm location, giving a wide range of flavours and textures, then mixed in together with dried herbs and olive oil, a light marinade to maintain the goodness and flavour of the olives.

Oregano & Garlic Olives

For those who appreciate the savoury appeal of oregano! Infused with aromatic oregano and beautifully balanced with garlic, these tender, fleshy olives are incredibly moreish. They are also gently hand-mixed in small batches to preserve the olives' freshness, flavour and texture. 

Chilli Green Olives

Gentle and smooth flavour of chili. Full of nutrition and punch, it’s a party starter with lasting first impression. Dried chilies simmered with olive oil and hand-mixed with premium Molives to reach that perfect balance of flavours on fire. All natural ingredients.

Almond Hand-stuffed Olives

A whole roasted almond hand-stuffed in a Molive, giving a delicious and crisp nutty flavour. All natural ingredients.

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More about Molives

Molives grew from modest beginnings at the Orange Grove organic farmers’ market in Sydney in 2010 when founder and owner Mo Amin was still at university.

Mo and his mother began selling olives after finding a gap in a market dominated by cheap imports. After developing a bond with the local farmers and learning about local growers’ difficulties in taking their products to sell through retail channels, Mo is determined to revolutionise the Australian olive industry and help local farmers.

His brother Ibby, a mechanical engineer, chipped in and helped modify the packaging machine to ensure the product’s uniqueness and maintain high olive preservation. The marinating process remains manually done despite being arduous, as they believe in keeping the hand element otherwise it loses quality and becomes mainstream. Molives have since expanded and extended their market reach – they are now also served on major airlines.




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