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Ginett - 1st Mar 2020

We were strolling along Middle Road, expecting to find a hotel lobby entrance that will lead us to our dinner destination. To my surprise, we were instead greeted by an impressive entrance to a posh-looking, intimately-lit and high-ceilinged restaurant right at the ground floor itself.

The menu was extensive.

It took us a while to pore through and finally select our dinner items.

Old World Country Pâté. A fine blend of Bresse poultry (a.k.a volaille de Bresse) and black pork flavoured with cognac. 

That was the first item that caught my eye.

The pâté was scrumptious. Perhaps because it was rather chilled when it first hit my taste buds, I thought it a little bland initially. But the umami flavours started kicking in and gaining momentum gradually, and the dish eventually grew on my taste buds.

Their La Joue de Bœuf (that’s French for beef cheeks) was equally toothsome.

The Wagyu beef cheeks were slow braised for 12 hours in red wine, and the result was a plate of tender and fragrant beef cheeks. A bite into the beef cheeks and I could immediately taste the beefy flavours and the red wine. The blend of flavours was likely what evoked warmth and connected with me emotionally. Even just recalling the flavours while writing this is making my mouth water!


While the first two dishes were beyond expectations, the baby (farm) chicken roasted with Provençal herbs fell short of. To be fair, it was roasted well. Just nothing too mind-blowing.

It was the truffled mashed potatoes that stole the show. For some other truffled items I have tried, the truffle flavours were either too faint or too strong. The one here at Ginett got their truffle dosed right on the money. It enhanced the flavours of the mashed potatoes which tasted rather plain on its own. C’était absolument délicieux.

There was also a special menu for March – and it was a lobster party.

With a Maine lobster medallion, lobster bisque and a Maine lobster-stuffed ravioli, it was ripples upon ripples of that delightful deep-sea sweetness hitting our tastebuds. The ravioli was the surprise. Every mouthful is an explosion of flavoured luxurious lobster-y bliss and I could not get enough of it.

I personally liked the dough of the ravioli too. It had a tender, silky texture and it was springy but not too chewy. The thickness of the dough that pulled over the fillings was just right for me as well – too thin and I would taste only the lobster and barely the dough. I hope this well-kneaded dough was made in-house as that would be a big plus point for me!


The last dish to bring this review to a close is the “Charcoal Grill 4-6 Weeks Dry-Aged Australian Black Angus MB3+”.

It was a glorious 250g slab of ribeye.

While it was not mind-blowing per se, it is one of my favourites here. Dry-ageing kicks the flavours of your steak up a few notches – it gives richer, beefier flavours that are also slightly funky/minerally. And the steak here was grilled to the right level to bring out the umami just right. The beef was also succulent and the slight charcoal aroma infused adds yet another layer that complemented the dry-ageing flavours.

There were three options for the sauce: béarnaise, pepper or blue cheese. I made a bold choice and went for the blue cheese sauce!

I had expected a very strong pungent smell, given what blue cheese is known for, and was worried that it might overwhelm my taste buds to taste anything else. But it didn’t! It matched the beef well too, albeit the sauce kind of masked the dry-ageing flavours instead of accentuating the flavours. It does taste good either way, whether you decide to eat the steak on its own or with the blue cheese sauce. It is really a matter of personal preference. My friend preferred it with the blue cheese sauce, while for me I decided after a while that it is best to enjoy the steak half on its own and half with the blue cheese sauce. (A pure) 250g of intense, complex dry-ageing flavours proved to be a little “jelak” (overwhelmingly rich) for me.

The accompanying side dish, ratatouille, was a fun dish too. Ratatouille is a classic French Provencal stewed vegetable dish and the funky tomato base here was both fragrant and rich.

Overall, I find the menu here staid and solid. Not the eye-grabbing fashionista but that stylish person with an understated fashion style. 

With its long communal tables and plush semi-private dining booths, it is a great place for hanging out in big groups. The semi-alfresco setting (high ceilings with aircon), intimate lighting and the stylish interior design also combine to make the place a rather sexy place for weeknight dates (okay, weekend dates too). I am definitely coming back here someday, again, to try the other items on their extensive menu.

Catch me if you can!

~ Cheyenne 
Marketing Manager


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