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Misty Gully Smoking Woods - 1st Mar 2020

Do you know... that Huber's stocks a huge range of premium quality smoking wood for smoking your meats or adding that smoky flavour to your gas BBQ?

Available in BBQ smoking pellets, smoking dust, liquid smoke and smoke oil, these woods are from Misty Gully – a premium brand from Australia for all things smoked and cured.

Traditionally, food was smoked to aid in the curing process. Nowadays, smoke is predominantly used to add flavour.

Sourced from only the finest suppliers in Australia and the USA, the Misty Gully wood range are all natural with no exposure to chemicals or artificial flavouring, which allow for the unique qualities from each wood species to shine through. 

Wood Pellets

Misty Gully’s range of BBQ Smoking Pellets are sourced from the finest mills in the USA, and designed for pellet grills, cold smoking and BBQ.

Pellets are a very economical way to create smoke. They are easy to use and also give off a very pure smoke that is consistent and long-lasting due to their compact make-up.

Smoking Dust

Misty Gully’s range of gourmet smoking wood dust is the largest and of the highest quality in Australia. Species are sourced both internationally and domestically according to availability and seasons.

Liquid Smoke

Liquid Smoke is a substitute for cooking with direct smoke equipment and woods. It is a great flavouring for those who enjoy the taste of a smoky campfire meal. Like an essence, only a few drops are required to achieve a smoky flavour without using a smoke machine.

They enhance the flavour of marinades for meat, condiments, soup or vegetable dishes. You can spray them on your BBQ meats; use it to add a dash to salad dressings and casseroles; or add to wet mixes for salami, sausages or meat brine.

The range from Misty Gully is both gluten-free and vegan-friendly. Their products are manufactured in Australia from local and imported ingredients, from a blend of the main specie (e.g. Hickory or Apple) and other species to give you just the right amount of smoky flavour to suit your cooking needs.

Smoke Oil

Alternatively, you could also opt for smoke oil, which is manufactured from a blend of Hickory and other species with a high-quality canola oil. Liquid smoke oil is primarily for recipes that cannot tolerate any added water-based ingredients. You could also try using it as your cooking oil for steaks, chicken, vegetarian and vegan meats.

Various species are available for our pellets, smoking dust and liquid smoke. As a rule of thumb, you would use fruit and nut woods for white to pink meat, i.e. chicken, fish and pork. For red meats, you would choose a hard (smoking) wood, such as hickory or mesquite. Ultimately, that is no hard and fast rule– choose a smoking wood that suits your personal taste.

Make your home-cooking "smoking" hot and enchant your guests with decadent smoked meats and wafts of delicious scents!

Get at our Dempsey store what you need to smoke your own foods now.

Be careful not to over-smoke your meats!


About Misty Gully

Smoked and Cured's Misty Gully brand is a leading name in Australia for premium quality smoking woods. It is co-owned and run by Ben Tantau and Brenton Phillips. They have Australia’s largest range of wood flavours and they source from only the finest local and international suppliers to provide their customers with the best quality wood for their gourmet smoking needs. Their wood products are food-safe and processed especially for use with food.

Their focus on quality separates them from the rest, all the while ensuring that all their products are sustainably sourced. Their woods are also all natural with no chemicals or artificial flavouring – allowing for the true natural flavours from each species to shine through and provide gourmet smoke flavours and aromas.


* For more tips and information on smoking woods, here is a comprehensive resource you could consider referring to: https://www.smokedbbqsource.com/smoking-wood-guide/


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