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White Asparagus (Spargel) - 1st May 2020

The king of vegetables, white asparagus from Germany, now back in season!

Why is the white asparagus considered an exclusive vegetable? Firstly, it takes three years to grow them. They are grown underground inside mound of soils to prevent them from turning green and every spear is hand-picked carefully by the farmers. On the palate, they have a much more delicate flavour than their green cousins.

In Europe, the white asparagus is considered a rare spring delicacy and they are highly sought after by restaurants and chefs. Our white asparagus arrive weekly, direct from the producer in Germany, Spargelhof Holste, Marfeld, Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen).


Storing and Handling White Asparagus

1.      Do not keep asparagus more than three days after purchase. Keep it in a loosely-wrapped, damp kitchen towel in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator.

2.      Handle asparagus carefully to minimize breakage. White asparagus is less flexible than green and can snap off, especially right behind the head.

3.      White asparagus must be peeled, as the outside is fibrous and even woody at times. You can use a common vegetable peeler or an asparagus peeler.

4.      Starting just below the head, peel toward the cut end. Turn the asparagus slightly and repeat until the whole stalk has been peeled.

5.      Once all the asparagus has been peeled, cut off the cut ends about one inch up. In doing this, if you notice any more fibres sticking to the asparagus, peel it away. The pleasure in eating this asparagus once cooked is greatly diminished when you try to cut it with fibre strands still on it, or put it in your mouth and then try to chew the strands.

Getting Ready to Cook Asparagus

There are several ways to cook asparagus, with steaming and boiling being the most common for white asparagus.

You may use any pan or pot which has room enough for the asparagus to lie flat in the water and not be bent while boiling.

The water you are cooking the asparagus in usually contains a little butter, salt and a pinch of sugar. The water used to boil the asparagus can be used for soup stock.

Serving a Simple Asparagus Dinner to Friends and Family

Asparagus is usually served very simply. For your asparagus dinner, you will need:

  •      At least 400g white asparagus per person.
  •      Melted butter, in a gravy dish or chafing dish.
  •       Thinly sliced cooked ham or air-dried ham, or both.
  •      Boiled new potatoes, about three or four per person.


 You may also want to serve the asparagus with:

  •     Hollandaise sauce
  •             Lemon slices
  •             Wiener Schnitzel
  •             Pork or beef medallions
  •             Salmon or trout


Credit: www.thespruceeats.com


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