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Goan Cuisine Range - 1st Nov 2020

From Australia straight to your kitchen, the family-owned Goan Cuisine has made it their life goal to promote the cuisine of Goa in Australia, as well as internationally!


Established in 1994, Goan Cuisine has continued to incorporate and preserve traditional artisanal skills and knowledge of classic Indian-Portuguese blend of spices that would otherwise be lost. Using the very best of Australian fresh produce, Goan Cuisine employs time-honoured methods of perfecting the 500-year-old Continental Indian cuisine, enriched with a bouquet of spices as only the virtuosity of Goan cooks could achieve.


Available at Huber’s Butchery, the colourful line-up of Goan Cuisine items ranges from Curry to Chutney, Masala and many more!





Chutney refers to a blend of fruits and vegetables, mixed along with herbs and spices to create a sweet and spicy paste or relish that is often served as a side dip to a main course of your choice!

Goan Cuisine’s Tamarind Chutney displays a fine balance between the sweet and sour flavours of tamarind and apricot with a serious hit of chilli. It goes perfectly with curry and rice, with grilled and barbecued meats, or even as a dipping sauce for samosas and spring rolls. Their Mango and Mango Lime Chutney is also an equally satisfying accompaniment to curries, corned beef, roast lamb, meat loaf, kebabs, spicy chicken dishes and rice.




A Goan classic – the red, hot and sour Goan Red Curry is an essential part of every Goan home! The smooth sour-sweet of tamarind enhances a robust, layered blend of star anise, cloves, cinnamon and red chilli and presents a powerful, aromatic spice base. Perfect as a curry base and marinade, we encourage you to try out this recipe for an authentic Goan Red Curry, which will do wonders when served with Basmati rice, or other sources of wholesome carbs of your choice!


A great alternative to Red Curry, Goan Green Curry provides a perfect balance of earthy, faintly bitter cumin, sharp piperine of black pepper and the citrus undertones of fresh coriander. This recipe for Goan Green Curry (with a fragrant cumin and black pepper curry base) is sure to bring the flavour of your veggies to the next level!




A popular dip or relish in the Bengal region, Kasaundis are perfect as a filling in sandwiches, tacos and pizzas, and an ideal accompaniment to pasta, rice and other meals. Available at the store as Tomato Kasaundi and Eggplant Kasaundi, we recommend using them as a topper for a light breakfast sourdough or gluten-free bread toast, in a recipe which you can find here for more detail!




An Indian all-time favourite, Goan Cuisine’s Butter Chicken Masala is made with beautifully fragrant spices infused in rich tomato and spiked with the dark warmth of a unique blend of garam masala to create the classic delight that we all know and love. Works as a delicious curry base and marinade, Butter Chicken Masala packs a punch of flavour with or without the addition of butter and cream (or Greek Yogurt, for a healthier alternative!). To make your own finger-licking Butter Chicken Masala, check out this recipe which has everything you need to know about the classic, time-enduring recipe.


A lesser known curry base but equally worth checking out, Vindalho Masala is a quintessential Goan aromatic curry base and marinade of green cardamom and chilli. Warm and sweetly pungent cardamom with its lemony undertones dominates this spice array with a tantalising bite of chilli! Make your Vindalho Masala following this recipe, and add a meat or veggie of your choice! Vindalho of pork belly is a classic Goan delicacy for special occasion, while chicken thighs work well for a weekday curry with chunks of potato soaking up the gravy for a wholesome delicious meal.

Other Goan Cuisine items available at the Huber’s Butchery store include: Carrot Mescut, Lime Pickle, Green Chilli Jam, and Chilli Lime Sambal. Visit the Goan Cuisine website for more information and killer recipes!


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