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A. Gere Wine - 1st Feb 2021

The rich history of Hungary-based Attila Gere (A. Gere) Winery began seven generations ago, in which an inheritance of knowledge and vineyards were passed down from generation to generation, from family to family.

The love of nature has always been present in the life of Attila Gere. As a forester, he has walked the woods of Villány, Hungary for 17 years, and if he can, he still makes ten thousand steps every day on the mountain, in the vineyard, or just around the farm. It is this love of all things natural that motivated Gere to transition into a fully organic production for over a decade. Perfectly ripe, hand-picked grapes from organic plantations are brought to the winery using the most modern winemaking technology available today. Fermentation takes place in temperable steel tanks or wooden tubs. After gentle pressing, the wines are first matured in traditional, high-quality Hungarian oak barrels before packaged in bottles. This exacting process creates wines such as Attila, Solus, and Kopar that are unique, complex and elegant – Gere is enthusiastic in his belief that they will stand out among the world’s greatest.

The people of Villány successfully passed on their authentic traditions of winemaking to the 21st century, having become the defining figures of Hungarian winemaking innovation in the process. Respect for the soil, the choice of grape species and the purity of the processing are all aspects of the viticulture that the people of Villány especially hold sacred. Attila Gere went further in this as well – the fermentation in the winery is carried out exclusively with his own yeast strains selected from the estate. For them, this is also the secret of natural, unique, terroir estate wines.

A symbol of excellence in Hungarian wine, the A. Gere wines are available at Huber’s Butchery in A. Gere Attila Cuvée, Solus, Kopar, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

A. Gere Attila Cuvée

Its colour is youthful compared to its age, with black seeds surrounded by a purple border. Its scent already reveals great content, with barrel notes and ripe fruits. Its aromas mainly suggest black and forest berries, the intensity of which pushes the barrel notes into the background in both taste and smell. Its aroma is extremely complex. Blackberries and currants, raspberries, cherries, wild pepper, tiny thyme and freshly cut oregano, mineral notes, “cappuccino,” and an endlessly long finish. The tannins are present but supportive, soft and ripe. A really great wine for a unique vintage.

A. Gere Solus

Solus paints the glass with a deep dark purple with blackish tint and dense curves on the wall. Salty, mineral fruity notes and sweet spices create an extraordinary richness of aroma. Plums, raspberries and cherries dominate the taste of the wine, into which cocoa-coffee notes are integrated. The tight tannins keep the wine nice, guaranteeing many more years of maturation in the bottle.

A. Gere Kopar

Its colour is purple with dark burgundy reflexes. The aroma conveys a complex blend of barrel spices, pepper, small tobacco, mineral notes and forest berries. Even when tasted, it is characterized by this complexity, with the fullness of a vintage. It is based on tannins – rich but beautifully concentrated flavours, ultimately balancing the wine. A long life is guaranteed in the bottle.

A. Gere Cabernet Sauvignon


Purple in colour, its depth reveals a medium body and an aroma that is dominated by gypsy cherries and plums, with woody tones in the background. Both the aroma and the taste give a pleasant harmony of black fruits and oak sweets, spiced with tiny pepper. The fruit notes are ripe, the wine closes with a medium finish accompanied by a round, delicate acidity. A balanced wine.


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