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Rex Goh - 16th Mar 2021

Rex Goh, a humble guy who is always spotting a smiling face, is part of the energetic sales team in Huber’s Wholesale Division. A father of two adorable kids who keeps him in high spirits daily and needless to say, during his off days, priority will go to spending time with his family.  A super doting dad who always grants his kids their wishes to go cycling and having ice-creams. During his spare time, he will turn to his favourite past-time – fishing! A great way for him to relax and gather his thoughts by going to some offshore island, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

  1. What is your signature dish?
Instead of naming it as my signature dish, I would rather say my favourite hand-crafted dish is Surf ‘N’ Turf. This is a classic dish that gained popularity in steakhouses across the U.S. in the 1960s and 70s and is traditionally prepared using fillet mignons and lobster tail. However, I would like to give a twist to this incredible dish by giving it a different dimension and making it affordable for everyone. The idea is to work with freshwater crayfish and Wagyu beef topside.
Simple to prepare by carefully removing the crayfish tail and poaching it in clarified butter. Next, brunoise celery and onion, then sautéed the vegetable and keep cool. Dice the crayfish tail and mix it with the cooked vegetables and fold in with lemon juice, egg emulsion and lumpfish caviar. Work out a mixture using grind malt, salt, egg white and spices and use it to marinate the Wagyu topside. Slow roast the meat in the oven for 16 hours. Remove from the oven and let rest for a while before carving the meat. Warm up the crayfish remoulade in the oven, served together with the Wagyu topside and smoked potato mash. 


  1. What keeps you motivated at work?
I enjoy setting targets in both my personal life and at work. Whenever my target is reached, I will up the ante, setting harder challenges and working towards it. I will feel a great sense of achievement once the target is attained, and it is what keeps me motivated in my daily life.


  1. What do you enjoy most working at Huber’s?
Being a chef in the past, I enjoy meeting people in the same trade. I am always sharing with different chefs on the market trends and cooking methods, and we can click easily when it comes to application of new ingredients for their menu.


  1. What is the best compliment you have ever received at work?
There are times when chefs will come to me for help when they overlooked their orders. Usually, with the kind and timely assistance of our administrative colleagues and production team, I would be able to collect the goods and rush down just in time before chef’s dinner service begins. Upon seeing me carrying the cartons, the chef will rush to hold the door open and say “Thank you Rex for saving the day!”.  The look on the chef makes me feel thoroughly appreciated and blessed to be serving them.


  1. What do you find most challenging about your work? 
The most challenging part would be recommending suitable or unique ingredients for chef’s current or new menus. The key is to understand what end-product the chef would hope to achieve, and the type of cooking method applied. I will then run through our product lists and experiment with different ingredients before sharing solutions with him or her.


  1. What is the one or two product/s from Huber’s that you will definitely recommend to your family and friends?
Personally, I would recommend the brand, First Light. Although it is grass-fed Wagyu beef, it tastes as flavourful as grain-fed beef with great marbling and quality consistency. The tenderness and balanced acidity level, leaves you a very nice after-taste that makes you wanting to have another bite.

Another great product that I need to mention is the Sakura pork. The results of cross-breeding Kurobuta and Duroc pigs are high marbling from the Duroc breed and the rich flavour from Kurobuta breed.  The meat possesses a hint of sweetness and contains great moisture unlike any other pork.


  1. I understand you used to be a chef, so do you still do much cooking now?
Once in a while, I would do some light cooking for the family.  When there are big gatherings or birthday parties, then I will don on my chef’s apron and do heavy grilling, stewing, or barbequing; whipping up my best dishes for them to enjoy.


  1. Knowing that you are a good cook, do share with us your best dish and its recipe
My best dish is Crumbled ox tongue with cheddar cream & spiced carrot chutney (for parties).


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