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Meredith Goat Cheese - 19th May 2021

Photo credit: Meredith Dairy

“To win a gold medal at the prestigious Nantwich International Cheese Awards really does reflect the quality of Meredith Dairy cheeses. It’s not surprising that the marinated goat cheese is so popular both in Australia and in the international market, especially in the USA.

It is a credit to the owners, staff, goats and sheep that all Meredith Dairy product is of a world class standard. The Camerons shine a beacon of light on best practice pasture management, animal husbandry and sustainable agriculture. A leader in Australia’s agricultural future.”

– Russell Smith, Chief Judge Australian Grand Dairy Awards 2019

Meredith Dairy does everything "from milk to make" right there on their 4,500 acre Australian family farm, 120km west of Melbourne. Their cheese and yoghurt are produced daily from the milk collected on the same day.

Determined to pass onto the next generation, an economically viable and environmentally sustainable business, Meredith Dairy practises responsible and sustainable farming. Grains grown on the farm are used to feed the dairy animals, straw is used for bedding, cheese whey is fed to beef cattle while animal manure is returned to the soil as fertiliser.

They are passionate about Australian family business, their animals, sustainable farming, and creating beautiful healthy products that taste great!

Meredith Dairy, Marinated Goat Cheese 320g 

A soft and spreadable textured goat cheese, marinated in blended Australian extra virgin oil, garlic and herbs. Gives a refreshing citrus tang to salads, soups and sandwiches.

15 minutes recipe 👉 Caramelised Onion & Goat Cheese Tart

Soft goat cheese marinated in a garlic and herb infused edible oils including extra virgin olive oil, their award-winning Marinated Goat Cheese has a refreshing citrus tang and soft, spreadable texture. It is delicious in salads, soups and sandwiches and on crusty bread. You’re sure to love to this versatile, healthy treat!

Meredith Dairy, Natural Sheep Milk Yoghurt Traditional Greek (Blue Label), 500g

Meredith Dairy yoghurt is made in the traditional pot set method, using Greek Cultures.  It is thick, creamy, mild and naturally sweet. It contains beneficial Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Thermophilus cultures.

Meredith Dairy, Natural Goat Milk Yoghurt Probiotic, 1Kg

With added Lactobacillus probiotics to supercharge your gut health, the natural sheep milk yoghurt is creamy, naturally sweet and has a nutty flavour. Ideal with breakfast, dessert and many savoury dishes.

Meredith Dairy, Goat Cheese Fresh Chevre Dusted with Ash, 150g

Dusting with Ash helps to balance acidity and harmonise flavour while preserving the beautiful creamy interior of fresh Goat Cheese.

Meredith Dairy, Goat Cheese Fresh Chevre with Australian Native Pepperberry, 150g

Australian Native Pepperberry lends a spicy, aromatic kick to the zesty flavour of our Original Goat Cheese, complementing both sweet and savoury dishes.

Meredith Dairy, Cultured Goat Milk, 1L

Delicious and full-flavoured taste with more than 53 billion probiotics, no added sugar, stabilisers, thickeners, yeast or emulsifiers. Meredith Dairy’s Cultured Goat Milk can be enjoyed by itself, in a smoothie, over marinated meats or as a delicious base for dips and sauces.


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