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Lucas Lok - 1st Aug 2015

With his thick and black rimmed glasses similar to those worn by wannabe hipsters, Lucas can be spotted within a 0.5 kilometres radius. You might think his glasses are fake, no, they are real. Shortsighted since the age of 15, he has been spotting glasses since then. Never contact lenses, he says.

Lucas started his first job in Singapore in 2006 where he spent seven years baking breads and cakes for a local bakery chain. For five years, he was doing the graveyard shift – 10pm to 7am. Despite the fact that Lucas would be asleep while the majority of us were awake, Lucas met his wife while at this job.

The story goes that they have a common friend on Facebook. One fine day, her profile picture appeared on his wall and he was immediately attracted to her.  He put into use one of those pick-up lines and they remained in contact. A year later, he invited her to Singapore (she was based in Malaysia then) and when she did turn up for their first date in Singapore, Lucas jumped at the opportunity to ask for a committed relationship.

Lucas and his wife

It has been two years since they married and she is, of course, now based in Singapore. Most recently, both of them went on a tour to Europe for 2 weeks. As you can see, Lucas enjoys traveling. Apart from that, Lucas is also a movie junkie. Luca’s dream could be coming to past any time – his dream is to complete the family with a couple of children.  

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