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Cindy Kam - 1st Oct 2015

Cindy had been working in the hospitality industry in Kuala Lumpur for 5 years when she left her job to care for her mother full-time. This turned out to be a turning point in her life because when she rejoined the workforce, it was to a Chinese restaurant in Singapore. “That was the first time I came to Singapore, the first time I travelled alone” she reminisced.

Two years after arriving in Singapore, Cindy joined Huber’s. You will usually see her at the bistro serving patrons with a soft smile. You may have guessed by now that Cindy came from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. While her father and three siblings reside in KL, Cindy has chosen to stay on in Singapore. She stays in touch with her family by making up to five trips home a year. There have also been occasions when she took a 10pm bus to KL, reaching KL 6 hours later. Then leaving KL on the same day for Singapore at 4pm, reaching Singapore at 11pm. All these late night travelling just so to spend time with her family.

Cindy hopes to travel to Taiwan soon and enjoys steamboats, hanging out with her friends from church and family-themed tear jerking movies. Don’t ask me why it has to be family-themed, ask her! She is allergic to durians and dislikes pineapples. Cindy says she hopes to excel in her job and to pursue her interest in cooking soon. 

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