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Casas de Hualdo Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 1st Feb 2016


In 1986 Francisco Riberas, already one of the most solid Spanish businessmen, acquired the La Ventilla farm in El Carpio de Tajo (Toledo) to start his dealings in the specific business of agriculture. He soon lent his special character to the new activity and over the years he has expanded the boundaries of that small business, making it a huge mosaic of crops and uses.

Almost ten years later in 1996 he started an ambitious transformation of the farm, successively planting up to 300,000 olive trees. The favourable conditions of the area and the painstaking dedication to look after it, have made the crop generous to us, providing us with a delicate olive of unique quality.

Only with great respect and knowledge of the area, uniting the peaceful enjoyment of the countryside with state-of-the-art agricultural management techniques, have the most appreciated attributes of this thousand-year old fruit been able to express themselves.

All of the elements that come into contact with olives and later on, olive oils, are made of stainless steel. The extraction line is specifically designed to prevent oxidation and heat on the olive paste, which spends little time on the reception area to prevent any damage to the olives. Maximum hygiene conditions are present throughout the entire process and, in just a few hours, the oil is stored under optimal conservation conditions. All this happens on a work scale that was previously unheard of for oil of such quality. By grinding only olives from their own olive groves, the quality and traceability controls are almost perfect. Olive processing is performed under strict temperature controls to obtain the most aroma and antioxidants. They always extract olive oil with maximum 24 º C. This allows the preservation of the best properties of olive oil.



Arbequina Casas de Hualdo
Full of different aromas with a predominance of fruity notes over bitter and spicy ones.

Picual Casas de Hualdo
Intense and with great complexity, it carries the aromas of green leaf, green banana or even peppermint. Distinguished as a “Best 20” olive oil in the world  in the Value for Money category in Flos Olei 2014 guide.

Reserva de Familia
Made from Arbequina, Picual, Manzanilla and Cornicabra varieties. Well-balanced and incredibly nuance-rich oil, with nearly endless notes.


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