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Henry Langdon New Beverages and Cake Mixes - 1st May 2016

Recently, we extended the range of Henry Langdon products we stock on the shelves. Apart from sea salt rub, chai latte and pure cocoa powder, we have also started importing the range of tea leaves and gluten-free cake & cookie mixes.

About Henry Langdon
In 1852, young London merchant Henry Joseph Langdon set sail for the colony of Australia with his wife and infant son. Gold had been discovered near Melbourne the previous year and demand for wares of all sorts was high. Henry Langdon arrived with household supplies to sell, including champagne, chocolate and brandy. By the late 1800s, Henry Langdon's range of imported goods had expanded to include products as diverse as matches, honey soap, castor oil, cocoa, china and crystal. In the 1900s, H J Langdon & Co began to specialise in tea, herbs, spices, pickles, olive oil, essences and preserved ginger. The merchant tradition continues today with the launch of Henry Langdon as a specialist food brand, the fifth generation.

With ingredients sourced from around the globe, the tradition of Henry Langdon continues today. All ingredients are of the highest quality, you won’t find any nasty additives or preservatives in any Henry Langdon product. 


Henry Langdon Beverages
Drinking Chocolate (new)
Honey Chai Latte (new)
Lemongrass and Ginger Tea (new)
Chamomile and Lavender Tea (new)
English Breakfast Tea (new)
Jasmine and Green Tea (new)
Pure Cocoa Powder
Chai Latte

Henry Langdon Cake and Cookie Mixes
Chai Spiced Tea Cake (new)
Chocolate Lava Cake (new)
Gateaux Au Citron (new)
Ginger Spiced Biscuits (new)

Henry Langdon Sea Salt Rubs
Celtic Sea Salt 
Bouquet Garni Sea Salt Rub

Smoked Paprika and Basil Sea Salt Rub
Cracked Black Pepper Sea Salt Rub
Roasted Spice Sea Salt Rub
Coriander, Chilli and Kaffir Lime Sea Salt Rub

Chilli and Garlic Sea Salt Rub
Rosemary Sea Salt Rub

Henry Langdon Spice Blends
Ras el Hanout
Tunsian Tabil
Greek Yiros




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