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Prevent Contamination

When shopping for beef, make sure it is among the last items picked up so that the length of time it goes without refrigeration is as short as possible. This will help reduce the growth of harmful bacteria on the meat between the time when the meat is purchased and when it is placed in the refrigerator at home. If the meat is without refrigeration for more than an hour, because of the travel time from the store, a cooler bag with ice should be used to transport the meat and any other perishable items. Huber’s Butchery cooler bags are available for purchase at the cashier counters.


It is important to follow the basic rules of cleanliness when preparing beef. Work surfaces, dishes, and utensils should be washed thoroughly with soap and hot water after using them and before using them when not used for a few days. An antibacterial spray or bleach can be used as a disinfectant for cutting boards and other work surfaces. When taste testing food, do not use the same utensil that was used for preparation and be sure that a clean spoon or fork is used for each taste to eliminate the spread of germs. Beware of kitchen washcloths and towels that have been used on multiple surfaces or if they are not washed properly daily because they can spread germs. The use of paper towels or other disposable cloths is strongly recommended.

Cross Contamination

Different types of foods should be kept separate from each other during storage and preparation. Never store ready-to-eat foods next to raw meats. Bacteria that may be present on the raw meat may contaminate the ready-to-eat foods. It is better to store cooked food on the upper shelves of the refrigerator and the raw meat / foods on the lower shelves. This prevents the juices from the raw meats from dripping onto the cooked food.

It is very important to wash your hands often during food preparation to avoid transferring harmful bacteria from one food item to the next. If you were handling raw meat, for example, you would want to wash your hands thoroughly before chopping vegetables to reduce the risk of transferring bacteria from the meat to the vegetables. Never handle cooked food after handling raw food without thoroughly washing your hands.

When using cutting boards, it is a good idea to use a red colour cutting board for meat, yellow colour for poultry (chicken), green colour for vegetables and blue colour for ready-to-eat foods or cooked foods. If you do not have individual coloured cutting boards, ensure you wash them with soap and hot water between cutting different foods. Cutting surfaces made from tempered glass or plastic are preferred than wooden ones because you do not have to worry about scratches, pores and cracks harbouring bacteria. Regardless of the material they are made of, cutting boards should be cleaned thoroughly, preferably brushed with disinfectant and very hot water after each use.

The knife that was used to cut raw beef should not be used to chop vegetables or other foods without being thoroughly washed first. When serving cooked food, the plate or dish used should not have been used for raw food, unless well washed.

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