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Roasted Turkey


1 turkey, marinated
1 turkey stuffing 

Cooking Method

Turkey stuffing:
Defrost and place the stuffing in 75°C water for approx. 45 minutes.
Remove casing and cut into slices.

Roast turkey:
Roast the turkey at 160°C from start to finish. 
If the colour gets too brown, in particular for the larger turkeys, simply cover with aluminium foil. 
The turkeys have a tender timer. 
When the centre pops up, the turkey is perfectly cooked.

8 - 10 lbs – approx. 2 hours 16 - 18 lbs – approx. 3 hours
10 - 12 lbs – approx. 2¼ hours 18 - 20 lbs – approx. 3¼ hours
12 - 14 lbs – approx. 2½ hours 20 - 22 lbs – approx. 3½ hours
14 - 16 lbs – approx. 2¾ hours

For turkeys that are stuffed, roast for 15 minutes more after the tender timer has popped up.
Once cooked, let the turkey rest for approx. 20 minutes before carving.

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